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Published: Jan 3, 2023 Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Boxing is an exciting and thrilling sport that has fans around the world. Just like any other US state, New Jersey also houses some of the great boxing fanatics. Today, you can not only just watch the matches but also bet on our favorite players. NJ boxing betting has made it possible for Garden State’s citizens. When we hear the term betting or wagering, we automatically picture a Vegas setting, but today, you don’t have to be in Vegas to bet on boxing. Online sports betting sites in New Jersey are facilitating safe and exciting wagering opportunities for the players. It was not long ago that the state opened its door for online sports betting. In 2018 NJ online sports betting was officially launched. All you need is to find the best platform that can provide you with all the essential services and offerings.

Betting on boxing online in New Jersey is about wagering on the match’s outcome that opens up an avenue for earning real money. Over the years, with the inclusion of popular boxing betting apps, the market for boxing wagering has been strengthened. You can place a wide range of bets on the boxing matches through the New Jersey sportsbook. In this article, you will get to learn more about New Jersey boxing betting and how you can make the most of the NJ legal sports betting.

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    Best NJ Sportsbooks

    BetAmerica Sportsbook NJ

    BetAmerica Sportsbook NJ


    Frequent promotions
    Fast, easy withdrawals
    New customer bonus
    PointsBet Sportsbook NJ

    PointsBet Sportsbook NJ


    Different bonus options
    Large variety of sports to choose from
    A huge amount of prop bets available
    Draftkings Sportsbook NJ

    Draftkings Sportsbook NJ


    Easy Deposit Methods
    3-Point Check Verified
    Legal, licensed & safe
    FanDuel Sportsbook NJ
    FanDuel Sportsbook NJ


    Get Up To $3,000 Back In Bonus Bets

    Custom column

    Invite friends to join Sportsbook and Casino and you’ll get a $75 bonus - $50 in Sportsbook Bonus Bets and $25 in Casino site credit.
    No Sweat First Bet Up to $3000 promotion
    Profit Boost reward
    Fox Bet Sportsbook NJ
    Fox Bet Sportsbook NJ



    Custom column

    Secure banking methods
    Exclusive bonuses
    Variety of tournaments
    Golden Nugget Sportsbook
    Golden Nugget Sportsbook



    Custom column

    Offers odds boost and daily parlay specials
    Risk-free bet of up to $250
    For each $100 you wager on sports, you will earn one point
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    Choosing the Best Online Sites for Betting on Boxing in New Jersey

    Boxing is a widely popular sport that has been popular in the wagering market as well. There are numerous betting apps and sites in NJ that are catering to the demands of bettors in the most efficient manner. But when it comes to choosing a site among all, it can become a real challenge. There are some things that you can focus on to choose a reliable site. Going through their website and understanding their offerings is the first step you need to perform.

    Make sure they have bonuses and promotions to keep you rewarding at regular intervals. Loyalty programs are a significant highlight of sportsbooks these days, so the particular site must have such promotions. Today, every sportsbook has its dedicated app, so whether the concerned site has one and supports both Android and iOS devices. The licenses and certifications of the site are among the essential factors to consider.  The site must be licensed and regulated to operate in the state of New Jersey. When you check the license, don’t forget to know more about the software on which it is built, it makes a big difference. A wide range of banking methods will also add up to your convenience and comfort of betting.

    Top Rated NJ Sportsbook You Can Trust

    After being legalized in 2018, NJ online sports betting became the biggest wagering market in the US. There are plenty of sites that are operating in the state, offering their services and products to the players. If you are interested in betting on boxing online in New Jersey, here are a few names that you can always trust


    The biggest and the most prominent name that has grown to become the king of the DFS market, DraftKings, is a popular sportsbook. It was launched in 2012 and headquartered in Boston. Based on the particular sports, you can also avail of free bets. All the new players will receive a welcome bonus of $1000, which is quite impressive and makes the players want to register on this platform. The deposit bonus here is $500 that is given in the form of a credit on the site. Here you can enjoy live-in game betting, special odds boost, and seasonal boost.


    Another big name in the DFS industry is FanDuel, with its wide range of offerings on the sports wagering. It offers a wide range of sports to bet on and provide different sorts of bonuses and promotion as well. For all the new entrants, FanDuel has prepared a risk-free bet of $500 that will give you a nice kickstart. You will also get overtime insurance that offers a money-back guarantee if any of the sports you wager on go overtime. To avail of the sign-up bonus, you just need to select the desired bonus you want to make during sign-up.


    Though being a new entry into the market, PointsBet has created a stronghold among the players. PointsBet targets some of the major sports events of the season. You can also get referral rewards for referring your friends into the site, for everyone who signs up, you will get $50. At PointsBets, you can get seasonal promotions, rewards programs, and daily odds and parlay boosters as well. It is the perfect place to be when it comes to boxing wagering.


    Sugarhouse is a popular sportsbook that was also the first sportsbook that started operating in New Jersey. Being one of the top sportsbooks in the market, you can benefit from this platform’s range of benefits. You can get a 100% welcome bonus of up to $250 when you sign up. There is a 1X wagering requirement at this site, and you have to be 21 years old to sign up on the platform. You can make a deposit as low as $10 and win bountiful rewards here.


    All the sports betting fanatics would know this name without any introduction. It is the most popular online sportsbook that has been operating for years. Its land-based version was a big hit, and after the online edition, its prominence was further heightened. Caesars sportsbook does not need any introduction; players acknowledge its worth just by the name. New Jersey opened its door for Caesars back in 2018. You can avail a 100% welcome bonus of up to $500. The platform also cares for its consistent players and has prepared loyalty programs for them.

    MGM Sportsbook

    Better known as the BetMGM, this sportsbook is widely popular in NJ. From the welcome bonus of up to $500 on signing up. It works as a free bet as well. For instance, when you deposit $500, you will get an extra $500 to place your bet. You must use the code NJCOM500 while signing up on the platform. It has better cash out options, shared wallets, better payment convenience, intuitive navigation, and everything that adds up to the wagering experience. You can bet on all the popular boxing championships.

    Golden Nugget

    Yet another popular sportsbook in NJ that has been famous for years. It is a popular sportsbook site in the wagering market that offers different types of bets. Golden nugget online sportsbook was launched in NJ last year only, but it has got a real potential market in the Garden City. From bonuses and promotions to reward systems, Golden Nugget has made sure that players get everything they need from a sportsbook. An intuitive mobile app and safer payment options make Golden Nugget an ideal choice for many.

    William Hill

    When it comes to sports betting, William Hill is a popular option that people often go for. Many US states have already legalized William Hill, and in 2019 New Jersey also welcomes this amazing sportsbook. With the William Hill sportsbook app, you can place bets on your favorite boxing events happening across the country. You can avail plenty of rewards, bonuses, and experience a fair game here.

    Both online and offline sportsbooks have their own perks that make them special. When it comes to weighing the benefits, online sportsbooks are much more advantageous owing to their offers and promotions. Though land-based sportsbooks have given their contribution to strengthening the betting industry, online sportsbooks have played their role in making it a notch further. If you ever plan for sports betting in New Jersey, you should probably think about online mode much better.

    Types of Boxing Bets Available in NJ

    To learn how to bet on boxing, it is important to understand different types of bets available. Here are a few wagering types that you engage in-:

    • Bout Betting: It is the simplest type of bet where you need to choose a fighter to win a particular championship or match. It is quite similar to a full-time bet on a football match where you wager on whether they will win or lose. You can get odds for a draw in the bout betting.
    • Method of Victory: It is an exciting element that you can add to your bet when you are certain that a particular fighter will win no matter what. You just need to predict how he/she will win the match by technical knockout, straight knockout, or disqualifying the opponent.
    • Rounds: To place this bet, you need to be so sure about the fighter. If you think the odds are quite less to win, you can also make the round prediction to secure your winning. It is essential to have the odds of this type of wagering.
    • Over/under total rounds: This works similarly to all the over/under bets in the sports where you wager on the total points over/under the actual points in a round. In boxing, you just need to wager on the total number of rounds played in a match to be over/under the offered threshold.
    • Fight to go the Distance: It is to bet on a match to last till its full course and end at the final round. Some matches last for long until the last round. It would help if you predicted that and wager on it.
    • Prop bets: It is when you wager on a particular event that is likely to happen or not likely to happen in a match. The money line odds denote every side of this bet.

    All You Need to Know About Boxing in NJ

    Before entering into boxing betting, you need to know about this game. A ring is the most important area of this game where the fighters compete with each other. It is a square space that is fenced by ropes from all four sides with the post. The boxing rankings are regulated by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB). It was founded back in 2012 as an all-volunteer initiative that works by offering professional boxers with proper ranking, identifying the world champion, and every other unbiased decision related to boxing.

    There are four major sanctioning bodies for professional boxing when it comes to regulating and monitoring the boxing event. All the ranking and the rules related to rules are decided by the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and World Boxing Council (WBC). WBA is the oldest organization, followed by WBC. Uniformly they are called the different titles. Though they have quite a few differences, they collectively work as sanctioning bodies. For instance, WBA designates the Super Champion, and the WBC keeps the roster of diamond Champions. So, you must understand the difference between each other if you want to learn about boxing.

    Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies for New Jersey Gamblers

    Now that you learned quite a few things about betting on boxing, it’s time to understand the tips and strategies that will ensure your victory while your wager. Keep these factors in mind when you are wagering your money-:

    Read the Stylistic Matchups

    Every fighter has a distinctive character and performance efficiency that makes them different. They have different styles of fighting that takes them towards victory and eventually yours as well. You need to understand the styles of the fighter before betting on them. Keep a close eye on the fighter and ascertain what style they adopt to win. For instance, if a strong fighter is struggling with speed and spontaneity, it would not be wise to bet on them when they are competing against a quick fighter.

    The Training Partners

    You are who your friends are” this phrase totally works in the context of boxing. The training partner a fighter select says a lot about their performance in the upcoming matches. Keep monitoring with whom your favorite player is practicing to get to know more about their performance. It is best advised to go for players who have training partners having capabilities next to their opponents. Only then they will be ready for the challenges.

    Keep Track of the Punishments

    Punishments are quite common in the boxing industry. But the punishment we are talking about here is getting beaten up from the opponents; it is the worst punishment a fighter can get in the ring. There’s a common phrase about boxing that a boxer can lose his/her mojo in a fraction of New York minute, which means that they can witness a terrible knockout overnight. Hence, you need to be prepared for the worst. Make sure that you don’t bet on the fighter who was beaten up in the previous match. Also, pay attention to the fighter’s recurring injuries that can affect their performance in the next match.

    Follow The Updates

    It goes without saying that you need to be updated regarding the latest news and updates regarding boxing. The fight camps tend to send out news regarding the camp’s latest happenings that are really fruitful to strategies your next bet. Though a fight camp won’t be able to tell you the actual condition of a fighter, a little inside news can help you shape your bet. Make sure to learn whether the news is true or not; it is best advised to stick to the authentic news source.

    Don’t Pay Much Heed to Opinions

    Public opinions are varied and generally based on different factors, so you cannot possibly rely on them completely. You will hear hundreds of opinions a day regarding a particular fighter. Generally, people have a habit of betting on their favorite fighter, instead of the ones who are more likely to win. You must not make such mistakes, research thoroughly, and find the perfect candidate for your bet.


    Sports is an amazing way to unwind yourself and get quality entertainment time. There are plenty of sports that you can possibly engross in. Boxing is one such exciting sport that people love to watch. If you are among the true sports fans, you can also engage in wagering on boxing as well. Online sports betting in New Jersey has made it possible for the wagering enthusiasts to wager on their favorite sports, including boxing. You just need to check the boxing odds and place your bet on a fighter that is likely to win. We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry, and sports are no different. All the popular boxing tournaments have come to a halt this year. Fortunately, next year, we will witness the boxing events that fans are eagerly waiting for. The halt on sports events has also adversely affected the sportsbook. But, they are constantly hustling to bring back the lost prominence as the boxing events kickstart again. Till then, you can research more about betting on boxing and find some of the best online sports betting sites in New Jersey. This guide was to help you understand the nitty-gritty of boxing wagering and how you can emerge into a professional bettor by going through the strategies and the best sites to trust.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on boxing online in New Jersey?

    Yes, you can legally bet on boxing with New Jersey real money betting sites. You need to find a reliable site to play and must be at least 21 years old to make yourself eligible for wagering online.

    How to choose the fighter to bet on in boxing?

    You need to first learn how to bet on boxing to make the most of this opportunity. First, it is essential to pick the fight wisely. You need to gauge his past performance, the magnitude of the fight, location of the event, size of the ring, etc. before picking a fighter.

    What NJ sites are the best to bet on boxing?

    There are many credible NJ sports betting apps/sites that you can trust to bet on boxing. Some of the best include DraftKings, FanDuel, SugarHouse, Caesars, MGM Sportsbook, Golden nugget, etc.

    Can I bet on boxing with a mobile app in New Jersey?

    Yes, you can use the dedicated mobile apps from the NJ sportsbook and relish the experience of playing on mobile. Make sure that the particular mobile app is upgraded and compatible with both Android and iOS.

    How to check odds for boxing betting?

    Boxing odds are similar to any other sports odds. If your favorite boxer has +300 odds, you will likely win $300 if you bet $100 on him. Similarly, if a fighter gas -400, you are likely to win $100 after betting $400 on him. So make sure to check the odds like this and choose your favorite.

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