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Full Guide on FanDuel Daily Fantasy in New Jersey

Published: Sep 1, 2022 Updated: Sep 2, 2022

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+The FanDuel customer service is of the highest quality and there are different ways to get in touch with your problem.
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A lot of gambling options, that try to take up the focus
You can be disqualified, if you have more than one account with them


Founded in July 2009, FanDuel Group offers daily fantasy sports, online horse race, FanDuel sportsbook, and online casinos in New York City. A prominent website gave fans more ways to win bets and earn revenue when re-launched in 2018. The New Jersey FanDuel DFS review guide will provide every detail that a player must know before they start the New Jersey Daily Fantasy Sports betting. Daily Fantasy Sports has been in existence since 2007, but after the launch of FanDuel, the popularity has abruptly increased. The season-long fantasy sports website has earned a profitable position in the organization. Many experienced players with newbies prefer playing DFS via FanDuel. With FanDuel, it’s not a new season, but the birth of a new era. The effortless experience that users receive while navigating across the website has helped build a huge fan base. FanDuel also has all the licenses required to operate as a FanDuel DFS betting site in New Jersey.

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    New Jersey Fanduel: An Ideal Website for DFS Players

    Picking up a noteworthy website is extremely challenging as many top DFS Betting Sites in New Jersey are there. DFS is legal, and to win some exclusive prizes, FanDuel is a great website. It has the biggest name in the industry, holding a dominant market share. While looking for the FanDuel DFS Android app, the essential factors that a user must consider are:

    • Is the payment option looking suspicious?
    • Have you ever heard about the website?
    • Does FanDuel offer a good payout?

    Many fake websites are also doing the rounds, making it extremely difficult for users to choose the best US betting website. Finding the answers to these basic questions will help in concluding. Consecutively, you will see that FanDuel is an esteemed website to play DFS.

    Everyting to Know About DFS Scoring in New Jersey

    The NJ FanDuel DFS review guide will be incomplete if all the details regarding scoring are not included. Scoring is an important aspect, without which you cannot win bets. Take a look at various things about scoring and rules.

    • Football Scoring: In Football, two tournaments take place, one is NFL, and the other one is XFL. In NFL scoring, two categories are there; offense and defense. For example, for receiving touchdowns in the offense, you would get 6 points, and if interceptions are made, you will get 2 points. In XFL, if rusting yards are made for offense, a player gains 0.1 points, while passing yards is equal to 0.04 points. Go through scoring information before you start to bet.
    • Hockey Scoring: In Hockey scoring also, two categories are there, Goalies and Defensemen/Forwards. Remember that points are not offered for saves or goals during shootouts. In shots on goal, a player gains 1.6 pts in forwards/ defensemen, while in goalies, a player wins 0.8 pts.
    • Golf Scoring: Every golfer receives one overall bonus for tournament finishing, depending on the golfer’s final position. The overall finishing position bonus points are not offered in a single day or weekend PGA protests.
    • Tennis Scoring: For the best of 3 in Ace, you will earn 1 pt. in tennis scoring, while the best of 5 earns 0.6. For the best of 3 games won, you will get 6 pts and for the best of 5 games won, you will get 4 points.

    Before You Start Playing DFS in NJ

    In New Jersey FanDuel DFS online review, all the details that a player must know are provided. Knowing and understanding the FanDuel DFS odds in NJ and online sportsbooks for DFS bets will help you place bets. FanDuel is one of the top online sportsbooks in the US. The bonus promotions and promo code are offered directly by FanDuel. A detailed overview is given that explains everything about bonuses and promos.

    • Risk-Free Bet Information: FanDuel credits $1000 on the first bet slip if you lose. Plus, after placing a bet of $50, a promotion bonus code is added if you win. Even after losing a bet, $50 will be credited to your account within three days. Therefore, there is no reason to not bet the whole amount of $1000 on the first attempt as the risk-free bet needs to be made on one bet slip.
    • For Signing up: $5 free: New players signing up for the first time will receive $5 for free. This is an excellent feature that players do not come across on other websites. Thanks to FanDuel, which is why, many innovations have taken place in the final live events.
    • New Player FanDuel DFS Bonuses: The new player bonuses successfully attract many players to the site, making it extremely competitive. It does not offer any kind of deposit bonus but provides special offers for the new players. FanDuel allows its users to play risk-free for the first 24 hours in FanDuel Casino. Players need to deposit $10 to start the promotion, and till $200, risk-free bets are available.
    • Other Bonuses: FanDuel also offers the “Game of the week” promo codes and a bonus. Players betting $250 on featured games will get a $5 bonus. The other bonuses are provided through the loyalty rewards program, consistently offered by FanDuel casino. With each real-money bet, the points can be redeemed for free wagers.
    • Promo Code: To get exclusive perks, ensure to add “BESTPROMOCODE” while making your first deposit. FanDuel is a reputed DFS website, and it has built a huge customer base because of the exclusive loyalty programs, bonuses, etc.
    • Game Formats: FanDuel has various game formats like Single Game Style, Rotating Arcade Style, and Full Roaster. For more information regarding the same, visit FanDuel DFS directly in NJ. The software is the latest to add Single Game Style format, including all the major sports. It gives the player more flexibility to add strategies. The second half football slates are also introduced by the FanDuel DFS app in NJ. A full roster is a format that a player is playing for a long time. It contains late-swap, and scoring is standard across all formats.
    • Drafts The Team: Drafting a team is the same since the time it’s launched. The rules and salary cap set by the site are the same, and it makes the players understand how to move ahead. Scoring is also explained in a simplified manner compared to another gaming website. It also has a power-play bonus, a unique feature available only on this site.

    daily fantasy

    DFS Sports Challenges in New Jersey

    The sports offered in Daily Fantasy are played live in the United States. Every game has salary cap-based contests, and the list of sports challenges are:

    • NFL: National Football League, stated in 1920 as the “American Professional Football Association”. It was founded by the first president Jim Thorpe and originally had only 8 teams. The merger of AFL and NFL took place in 1970, giving rise to 26 teams with the older name the National Football League. Every year, starting from September to December, the NFL season is played.
    • PGA: The PGA tour is organized by the professional golf tours in North America and the United States. The PGA Tour championship conducts most events of the flagship annual series. It is a non-profit organization established by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America.
    • MLB: Major league Baseball has 30 teams, playing 162 games each season. The game is broadcasted on radios and televisions and also invites a lot of fans on the ground. It is an American Professional Baseball organization and had separate entities. In 2000, both leagues, National League and American League, combined to form MLB, and in 2018, around 70 million spectators watched the match.
    • CFP: CFP, also known as College Football Playoff, is a tournament determining a “national champion for (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS)”, also known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is the highest level college football competition in the US, wherein two semi-finalists in four teams’ play. The 13 member team selects four teams who fight in CFP, and the venue of the game is determined based on bids. The bids are submitted by the cities, which are more or less similar to the Super Bowl or NCAA Final Four.
    • NASCAR: The NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is an American auto racing, operating, and sanctioning company best known for stock-car racing. Since 6th August 2018, his son Jim France has been the CEO privately owned by Bill France Sr. The Company’s headquarters is in Daytona Beach, Florida. Every year, NASCAR sanctions more than 1500 races in 48 US states, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.
    • EPL: EPL, English Premier League, often referred to as Premier League, is the top-level English Football League system. Starting from August, it runs till May, with every team playing 38 matches. Usually, the games are played on Sundays and Saturdays. On 20th February 1992, this competition was founded by the FA Premier League. It is the most-watched sports-league across the world, entertaining millions of people.

    Various Contest Choices in New Jersey

    The real money betting sites offer several contest types, mainly distributed in two categories. One is for competition between friends, and the other one is for DFS beginners. A summary of types of contests at FanDuel:

    • Beat the Score: Here, the prize is evenly distributed among the players who beat the score.
    • Tournaments: It has many players who participate and features higher paying guaranteed prize pools (GPP).
    • 50/50: It divides the participants into two halves; one comprises players with “a fantasy score in the top 50% winning the prize”, while the other part includes taking a loss.
    • Multipliers: These contests will result in doubling your cash required to buy-in. Based on the multiplier type, a player can earn twice, ten times the entry fee.
    • Beginners only: It is meant for beginners only and does not allow an experienced player to enter the contest.
    • Head-to-head: In this contest, you face another FanDuel player, and whoever wins is eligible for the cash prize.

    New Jersey FanDuel DFS Betting Apps

    Over the years, the FanDuel mobile app has evolved, offering FanDuel NJ promo code and offers control over lineups. It is an easy way to navigate and manage the league on the app. Vouchers, compile points, rewards, etc. everything gets easier with FanDuel apps. Adding and withdrawing funds with apps are more comfortable. They can be operated in both iOS and Androids and any smart device. Also, the app keeps on giving you all the recent updates.

    The signing process is not at all complex, and a new player can easily do it. In seconds you can create an account and start playing DFS. The quality design, intuitive behavior, and easy accessibility of the FanDuel app are the main reasons behind its popularity. The process is so fast that you will not get a headache and it also covers all the essentials. The players’ statistics say that they are highly impressed with the FanDuel application. Promo codes are also offered, and a player does not need to follow any extra step for this.

    FanDuel Banking Methods in NJ

    Deposit Methods

    The banking department of FanDuel is one of the reasons for its vogue. Some of the options available in deposit methods to make more money are:

    • Debit Or Credit Cards And Fanduel Prepaid Card: Banks allow depositing through this method, but many other methods are there through which you can transfer the deposit. FanDuel Prepaid cards can also be used for withdrawing and depositing money. The card is funded with Mastercard, Visa, ACH transfer, etc.
    • PayPal: If PayPal is linked to your account, it can be used for transferring money. Funds transferred through PayPal are quick, and the limits are the individual limits depending on your PayPal account.

    Well, the other ways through which you can deposit the amount are ACH (e-check), Online Bank Transfer, Check, and PayNearMe. However, all the ways are secure, allowing you to make payment according to your feasibility. It depends upon the player which one that he wishes to use. The minimum deposit in FanDuel is $10.

    Withdrawal Methods

    Similar to deposit methods, various withdrawal methods are also there. At times, you will come across websites making money, but they are not safe. But in FanDuel, you will not come across any such aspects as they provide top-class security. Thankfully, there are not many downfalls that you will come across when it comes to the banking facilities of FanDuel. The withdrawal options are the same as deposits like a check, ACH, PayPal, FanDuel Prepaid card, etc. The promo codes are withdrawn via PayPal and FanDuel Prepaid Card as they are highly preferred. It is because they are faster and bank-cheque consumes around five to ten days, so that is usually not preferred.

    Withdrawal rules

    Withdrawing is easy as you need to do by following a few steps. If you wish to get the withdrawal amount in your PayPal account, just provide the address, and they will refund. FanDuel verifies that only you are withdrawing the amount, and if they see the PayPal address is not the one you have used earlier to make the payment, they will ask for verification. If only they find that you are the player asking for a withdrawal, they will return the amount.


    FanDuel withdrawals and deposits are made in US dollars. If you have a denomination in other forms, it will get converted into the US dollar. But they do not accept Cryptocurrencies. Wishing to use Cryptocurrency while playing against other people will not be possible in FanDuel.

    Customer Support at NJ FanDuel Betting Sites

    FanDuel is responsive and is available round the clock. Contact them by submitting a support ticket or by sending an email or on a mobile app. The website also has a live chat feature connecting you directly with the customer team. They are quick and respond to you within no time as customers are their priority.

    FanDuel’s Competitors

    Over the years, FanDuel has taken immense interest in improving basic aesthetics, tools, etc. It offers a truly unique experience, which is why no other competitors like DraftKings or FantasyDraft can win so much popularity. While comparing the aesthetics, it’s difficult to think of any other website as FanDuel works exceptionally well. Lack of excessive scrolling is another aspect highlighted by players. The website is friendly and offers a wide variety of wagers to its players. Based on player statistics, the reputation FanDuel has earned over the years is difficult for other companies to build.

    Impact of COVID-19

    The Daily Fantasy Sports survived a dramatic impact due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to this, NHL and NBA seasons are also suspended, and the Major League Baseball season also got postponed. Due to this, there has been a huge reduction in tax and gross revenue collection. New Jersey’s top players’ sportsbook has experienced huge losses. In 2019, there was a gross revenue of $120 million, but in 2020, the numbers have decreased greatly.


    The second home for DFS players is FanDuel, which has entirely changed the fantasy sports concept. It gives the players the way to win cash prizes, and even after so many competitors, no one is better than FanDuel. After re-launching, FanDuel did not take much time to earn the position of America’s go-to DFS website. Irrespective of whether you are playing fantasy basketball, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, or any other fantasy sports, many contests are there in FanDuel. The user-friendly and mobile-friendly software has made it comfortable to play with Fantasy Daily Sports. Pick a team and start to play a social game on the best website, FanDuel.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is FanDuel DFS legal in New Jersey?

    Yes, FanDuel is a legal website in New Jersey where you can play DFS games.

    How to download an app for FanDuel DFS in New Jersey?

    You need to download FanDuel DFS apps from the official website of the FanDuel Sportsbook. The entire downloading process is simple, and within a few moments, you can start using the application.

    How can I know that FanDuel DFS is safe?

    When it comes to safety parameters, a player does not have to worry. FanDuel DFS is safe and legal in the US. The immense popularity and the reputation of the website indicate how safe it is. If it were not safe, nobody would have opted for the website.

    Can I win real money on FanDuel DFS?

    Yes, you can win real money on FanDuel DFS.

    What contests are available on FanDuel DFS in New Jersey?

    The contests available on FanDuel DFS in New Jersey beat the score, tournaments, 50/50, multipliers, beginners only, and many more.

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