Best Golf Online Betting Sites in NJ

Published: Jan 3, 2023 Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Golf isn’t an ordinary sport to bet on, unlike baseball and football. However, it does provide ample opportunities to win big. Another interesting factor here is that you get to do something different from the usual bettors when you bet on Golf. You can easily find best golf betting apps in NJ. Plus, Golf offers the most wagering actions out of all available sports. From in-play betting to tournament winners, you can bet on almost anything in Golf. With this increase in betting activities, your chances of winning also increase. But being new to Golf betting, you may encounter many difficulties. We have brought here a guide that will help you get started with the best golf betting sites. So you will be able to make the most out of it. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Online Golf Betting Sites NJ

Fox Bet Sportsbook NJ

Fox Bet Sportsbook NJ


Secure banking methods
Exclusive bonuses
Variety of tournaments
Bet365 NJ

Bet365 NJ


You can watch over 100,000 games live every year
Receive $200 credits when you place a wager of $1 or more
A sports betting app that responds quickly
BetMGM Sportsbook NJ

BetMGM Sportsbook NJ


“Boosted parlays”
100% Deposit Match Up to $500
Free $10 Weekly Bet
FanDuel Sportsbook NJ
FanDuel Sportsbook NJ


Get Up To $3,000 Back In Bonus Bets

Custom column

Invite friends to join Sportsbook and Casino and you’ll get a $75 bonus - $50 in Sportsbook Bonus Bets and $25 in Casino site credit.
No Sweat First Bet Up to $3000 promotion
Profit Boost reward
Draftkings Sportsbook NJ
Draftkings Sportsbook NJ



Custom column

Easy Deposit Methods
3-Point Check Verified
Legal, licensed & safe
Caesars Sportsbook NJ
Caesars Sportsbook NJ



Custom column

Wide offering of sports betting options
No deposit bonus of $10
Latest security software
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    Choosing Solid Golf Betting Site in New Jersey

    Once you decide to bet on Golf, your first question will be what sportsbook you should choose for betting? Well, you need to consider various factors here. Starting from the basics, you can look up for rewards. Welcome packages, risk-free bets, loyalty programs are some common points of attraction. The site should also provide a wide variety of betting options to make the process more beneficial for you. Apart from this, the available banking methods should be checked as well on golf betting sites. It ensures that you won’t have any difficulty in depositing or withdrawing money. The site must be protected with suitable security measures so that your confidential information will be kept safe. Finally, you can check how easy it is to operate the website. The site where you can wander through various sections easily should be preferred.

    Best Golf Betting Apps NJ

    There are both physical and online sportsbooks available in New Jersey. Which one you select, basically, depends on your preferences. However, you should know that physical sportsbooks are a bit complicated and time-consuming as compared to the online ones. Especially if you are betting on a busy day, you will have to wait for longer to contact someone. On the other hand, online betting websites make the entire task more comfortable. You just need to create an account, deposit money, and get started. There won’t be any hassle of human interaction. Even if you get confused somewhere, you can contact their customer service agents. But you have to pick a reliable online sportsbook to get all the benefits. To ake the task more convenient for you, here is a list of top NJ real money betting sites.


    DraftKings is one of the best websites you can find for Golf betting in New Jersey. It welcomes you with an impressive sign-up package that includes:

    • Deposit Match Bonus: Under this, you can get a 20% match for up to $500. So if you want to get the entire amount, you will need to deposit $2500.
    • Free Play Bonus: This provides you with a free amount of $25, which can be used for any type of Golf Betting.
    • Risk-Free Bet Bonus: Your first bet after joining the platform will be risk-free for up to $500.

    With these bonuses, a friendly interface, and numerous banking methods, this becomes a great platform to enter the betting world.


    This is the second-biggest name in the NJ Golf betting domain. Along with a desktop website, you can also play on FanDuel Golf betting app for Android & iOS. Plus, you get your first bet free of risk for up to $1000 betting amount. Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, FanDuel prepaid cards, ACH, and checks are some of the standard methods for depositing or withdrawing money on the platform. However, your deposit amount must be $10 or more.


    PointsBet offers you up to $250 as a first deposit match. The match amount changes according to the sum that you deposit. To avail of this, you need to use BONUSNOW promo code. You will find a limited number of options for depositing or withdrawing money here. So you need to check whether your preferred method is available or not. The website includes a “promos” page where you can find the on-going bonuses and promotions.


    With a 100% first deposit match bonus for up to $250, SugarHouse is an excellent website to try out. It has a partnership with Kambi, a European sportsbook provider. Kambi is known for powering the well-known betting site, DraftKings. If you know anything about DraftKings, you can expect SugarHouse to be almost the same. You can find various betting and banking options here. Hence, you won’t have to face any troubles.


    Caesars greets its new users with two exciting bonuses. Under the first one, you get $10 without making any deposits or bets. You can use this for betting on Golf online. For the second bonus, you can avail of a 100% match on the initial deposit for up to $300. Remember, the sportsbook will ask you for your social security number during sign up. Several other sites also enquire about this detail. It is used for safety purposes, and you shouldn’t consider this as something fishy. There are also plenty of banking methods to choose from.

    MGM Sportsbook

    MGM provides you with one of the best welcome bonuses amongst all sportsbooks. You can claim up to $500 from a 100% deposit bonus. However, you must be at least 21-years-old to place Golf bets here. There is also an MGM NJ mobile sports betting app to try, which will make wagering more convenient for you. Full of promotions and deposit/withdrawal methods, this is an amazing platform to start your NJ Golf betting on.

    Golden Nugget

    A friendly interface and impressive banking methods are the two things that attract most people towards Golden Nuggets. By registering on the website, you get a $100 risk-free first bet. If this seems less, you can check out the sportsbook’s loyalty program. There is an extensive list of betting options available here, which makes NJ Golf wagering even more interesting.

    William Hill

    William Hill provides its new users with two benefits:

    • Free no deposit bonus of $10 (Use promo code $150)
    • First deposit bonus of 100% match for up to $150

    You can get both the bonuses on the website, as well as on the New Jersey sports betting app. The sign-up process will require you to provide some verification documentations. But once you get in, the platform is easy to use. From Credit/Debit cards to Skrill, there are various banking options available here.

    Types of Bet You Can Make in NJ Golf Betting

    After registering on a suitable online sportsbook, you will come across various options for betting. You need to understand these wagering types beforehand so that you can easily make the most beneficial bets. Some of the common bet types are:

    • Outright Winner: Under this, you have to predict the player that would win the tournament. If your prediction goes correct, you win the bet. Plus, you don’t need to watch the entire tournament. You just need to wait for the announcement of the winner.
    • Match Betting: These bets are placed on the Moneyline between two golfers set by the oddsmakers. The Moneyline can be given to either bet on individual  Golf games in NJ or for the entire tournament.
    • Three-Ball Wagers: Here, you need to place bets on who will score lowest from a set of three golfers. These are usually 18 holes or 1 round based wagers.
    • Group Betting: These are almost similar to Match Betting. The only difference is that bets can be placed on a group of 4 golfers. If your predicted player scores the highest, you win the bet.
    • Props: There is a scope for placing prop bets on either player performances or tournament of Golf. An example of tournament prop wager is determining whether or not there will be a hole in one.
    • Futures: Usually, these bets take place even before the tournament starts. If we talk about the four Majors, sportsbooks allow you to wager on Golf futures markets months ahead of their start. Futures bets have significant prizes that you can win by predicting an event of the Golf tournament in advance.
    • Live Betting: In-play Golf betting is the most exciting and preferred type of wagering. These are quicker bets in comparison to all other types. Live betting is beneficial only if you have the time to sit and watch the match you are placing money on.
    • Each-Way Bet: As the name suggests, you have to divide the bet into two parts. The first section goes for an outright wager, while the second part is on the player coming into a certain place. For example, you can pick Matthew Fitzpatrick for a $100 bet, which will get divided like: 75/1: If he wins the tournament outright and 25/1: If he lands in the top 5 position.

    When to Place Golf Bets in NJ?

    Golf provides you with plenty of opportunities where you can bet. A few major events of the sport are:

    • Masters Tournament: This is the first of the four Major championships of Golf, which generally takes place in the initial week of April every year. You can find enough past data on this tournament. So, you can gain some knowledge of the games before betting.
    • PGA Championship : You may hear that this is a weaker championship in comparison to all others. But once you begin exploring it, you will see it provides great excitement. Earlier, this tournament used to take place in August. However, the organizers changed its slot to May in 2019.
    • US Open : Contrary to the PGA Championship, this is one of the most controversial Golf events. It is known for its difficulty level that tests even the best of Golf players. The tournament generally takes place in June and the most attractive section of the entire week is the questionable course setup.
    • Open Championship: If the Open Championship had to be defined in two terms, it would be: oldest and most uncertain. The tournament was founded in 1860, and it takes place in the month of July every year. Its name is kept “open” because both professional and naive Golf players are allowed to take part in it.
    • Charles Schwab Challenge: This was known as The Colonial National Invitation Tournament until 2019. In the previous year, the name was changed to Charles Schwab Challenge due to sponsorship reasons. It falls out of the four Majors’ category of Golf. The tournament takes place in May, with the PGA Tour.

    Apart from these, there are several other Golf tournaments, championships, and challenges that offer you possibilities for betting in New Jersey. You must keep yourself updated on all the upcoming events to seek the best opportunities.

    Tips For Golf Betting In NJ

    Now that you have decided your betting platform, types of bets, and the wagering opportunities, it is time to make a strategy. Before entering the market, you must know a few tips. These will help you avoid more considerable losses and obtain significant gains.

    • Check Smaller Championships: As you are just starting off with Golf betting in NJ, it would be more beneficial if you look out for smaller tournaments. Though it is undeniable that the four Majors always attract bettors, the less significant ones can actually give you better odds. With the help of these championships, you will be able to do due research on games and pick the best underdogs.
    • Find Records Of The Course: All the Golf players have their own venue where they outperform others. So when you pick a golfer for placing bets, you must check their record with the course. It can help you see how the ground affects the player. Therefore, you can avoid making mistakes and place the correct wagers. The number of played par 3,4,5 holes can also be taken into consideration while reviewing the records.
    • Look Out For The Weather: When you opt for in-game/live betting, weather can be proven an influential factor for you. It plays a vital role in deciding who will win the game, as it can either deteriorate the players’ game or make it better. So you must keep a check on the conditions to make sure you bet on the correct player. If you place any other bets than live, weather may not be much advantageous for you.

    • Don’t Fall For Big Players: Just like other sports, Golf also has big-name players. It doesn’t matter if they play well in a tournament or not; people always prefer placing their bets on them. But you shouldn’t make the same mistake. Instead of falling for these names, you should examine each players’ form. When your gut instinct forces you towards a particular golfer, you must make him your New Jersey golf betting pick.
    • Read The Latest Updates On Players: Golf requires both physical and mental concentration of the player. Even if one of them is diverted, the golfer won’t be able to perform well. Hence, before you place your bets on a particular player, you must check out their latest updates. In case they have been ill recently, or something has happened in their life, they may not be much concentrated on the game. You can avoid taking a risk on them. Tools like OddsChecker and ScoresAndOdds can be used for keeping yourself updated about Golf.

    Along with these tips, you can also make some professional strategies for betting on Golf in New Jersey. It will assist you during any last minute confusions.

    The Current Situation in New Jersey With Golf Betting

    You must be aware of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected all the sports activities. For Golf, you can find different effects of the virus on different tournaments. Here is the current situation of the four Majors:

    • Masters Tournament: This has been shifted to the second week of November from its usual April slot. Thus, you will have to wait for a few months for live betting on the games.
    • PGA Championship: From the changed May slot, PGA again took place in August this year. It was the first of the four Majors of Golf to be held in 2020. In case you aren’t aware, Collin Morikawa won the tournament.
    • The US Open: This is supposed to be happening in the third week of September. You can check out the odds, read the latest news, and go through all the details of the tournament to prepare for the betting.
    • Open Championship: This is the only tournament of all that got cancelled in the year 2020. You will have to be patient until the next year’s Open Championship for betting.

    So there are two remaining tournaments for this year, Masters and the US Open. You can prepare for these to bet on your favourite players.

    Best NJ Golf Betting Apps: Conclusion

    All sports fans are suggested to start their betting journey by picking a reliable sportsbook. So you should follow the same. You must look for various features and then only make your selection. Plus, you should remember that some of the websites or gold betting apps can look attractive. But it isn’t necessary for them to provide you with beneficial features and promotions. So it is better if you do proper research before registering on a specific platform.  Once you know where to go, the remaining process becomes easy. You just have to check the odds and place appropriate bets on the correct players. Follow all the tips to remain safe while wagering. Another thing you should always remember while betting is to create a budget. All professional bettors will recommend not going overboard with the process and keep an eye on how much you are spending. To do this, you can keep a maximum of 5% from your bankroll for each play. Betting more than this will mean putting your finances at risk.

    The best betting sites in New Jersey for wagering on:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on Golf online in New Jersey?

    This question's answer would have been no before the year 2018. However, the government introduced legal sports betting in New Jersey that year. So now you can wager on your favourite sport in NJ without any worries.

    What NJ sites are the best for Golf betting?

    Several names come up as reliable platforms for NJ sports betting. But if you don't want to take any chances, here are the top four NJ retail sportsbooks: MGM, William Hill, FanDuel, DraftKings.

    How can I check the latest Golf odds?

    There are various websites and tools that provide you with the latest news and odds of Golf. OddsChecker and ScoresAndOdds are two examples of these. You can check them out to look for the odds of upcoming tournaments.

    What is the match betting?

    Under this bet, your selected sportsbook sets two golfers and provide bettors with a Moneyline between them. This can be based on a specific round or for the entire tournament. You need to predict the one that will score the most.

    How can I deposit money to bet on Golf?

    While using online sportsbooks, you get numerous banking options for depositing money. Some common methods include: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, ACH, Prepaid Cards, Online Bank Transfers, Check. But not all websites provide these methods. So you should always check the banking methods beforehand to ensure your preferred one is available on your selected sportsbook.

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