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Monkey Knife Fight Review - Bonus Code for April 2023

Published: Mar 4, 2023 Updated: Apr 3, 2023

$5 free game bonus

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+Monkey Knife Fight contests are easy to figure out, fun, and centered around stats.
+Daily fantasy sports available for players from 31 different states.
+Huge variety of contest types, which allows you to choose and try yourself in different activities.


Technical difficulties often appear on the website and it takes long time to get them fixed.


Known for offering four different games, MKF currently won millions of hearts. This New Jersey Monkey Knife Fight review discusses the necessary points, taking this fantasy sports site up a notch. This site presents only real-money contests. Even the buy-ins will range from $0 to around $1000. Remember that the prizes and buy-ins are subject to vary depending on entrants and rules for any selective contest. MKF will likely combine the art of daily fantasy sports with prop bets, which the players know well. Unlike other DFS sites, MKF is at the top for good reasons.

One prominent feature of this DFS site is its unique sporting events. The Monkey Knife Fight consists of the major fantasy sports: Daily Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Football. Gamblers can also try the Monkey Knife Fight bonus, which is associated with Fantasy golf, Fantasy Soccer, and Fantasy Hockey.


Table of Content

    Ways to Play

    The primary form of DFS is currently available from FanDuel and DraftKings, along with some other variations from multiple operators. Before you proceed further and get the Monkey Knife Fight app, learning about its dominant version is essential. Here, users can select any sport and contest they want to enroll in. After selecting the game, it is up to you to choose your team of players. There is a separate “salary cap” to consider while selecting your team of players. Each player here will be assigned a fake value in dollars. Then it is up to the user to construct a team of players under the “salary cap.”

    When the user successfully picks up the team, it is time for the waiting game.

    The user needs to wait for that selected game to begin. Once the game starts, it is up to the selected players to stack up against competitors. Get hands-on promo codes for Monkey Knife Fight to improve your winning streak. If your selected team plays well, you win one cash prize. It is hard to pinpoint an exact amount as the contest prize. It will vary depending on how much they might cost to enter. Some contests are free of cost to enrol, and then you have others for which you must pay $10,000! Even the structure of the contest will determine the prize amount too. Let’s talk about some of the basic types here.

    • 50/50: Here, the top half of the field will double up their investment. The other half will be left with nothing.
    • Head to Head: Here, the contest takes place between two able players. Only the winner gets to keep the entire prize amount.
    • Cash games: Here, players have two options. They can either follow any existing league or can create one of their own. The deposit of such games will vary as well. Here, only the best DFS team will win the prizes. These groups are smaller than Guaranteed Prize Pools.
    • GPP: Here, the players will be asked to pay a selected entry fee for competing against a share of the fixed prize pool. GPPs will run whether they are filled up with players or not.

    There are different other forms of DFS variants available. The only thing common between them is that they are based on player statistics. In some instances, you can select players without any “salary.” Then you have some of the house-banked versions too. Here, your win depends on predicting how well a player will perform. There will be in-game fantasy too, where the decisions and scores take place in real time.

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS betting in New Jersey Scoring

    It is tough to pinpoint a perfect set of scoring when it comes to DFS games. It depends on the type of Fantasy game you have chosen. However, it is better to cover a basic understanding before entering the realm of Monkey Knife Fight DFS betting in New Jersey. When it comes to Daily Fantasy basketball, there are multiple scoring versions available. The one mentioned below is straightforward.

    • +1 Pt — Point
    • +0.5 Pts — Made 3pt Shot
    • +1.25 Pts — Rebound
    • +1.5 Pts — Assist
    • +3 Pts — Triple Double
    • +1.5 Pts — Double-Double
    • -0.5 Pts — Turnover, and so on

    NJ Monkey Knife Fight DFS Bonuses and Promo Codes

    Currently, the market houses top-notch Monkey Knife Fight Promo code in NJ. Here, MKF is offering its users with exclusive promo codes. These are currently stated to be the highest welcoming offer for September. The current bonus offer is based on a $5 free game without paying for the deposit. Another promo code is procuring $10 for free with any deposition. The deposit match on the first 100% match-up deposit will be around $50. The “Lineup” promo code is available, ready to present you with the highest bonuses available.

    The chosen bonus will get credited to the Pending Bonus account.

    Later, the rewards are turned into cash using an incremental release method. Here, 4% of the buy-in will be counted for any game towards releasing a pending bonus. So, if you enter any game costing $20, there will be a release of $0.80 available bonus. There is another exclusive “CAFÉ” promo code available from This promo code guarantees the highest welcoming offer from Monkey Knife Fight. As per NJ Monkey Knife Fight online review, the welcoming bonus will be a 100% deposit to match up to $50. The gaming account will get credited with MKF dollars. It provides you with chances to win some real money games.

    Reward Programs and Special Offers by NJ Monkey Knife Fight DFS

    Daily Fantasy Sports betting in New Jersey aims to help players win some real money, depending on the game they have chosen. However, with Monkey Knife Fight, various reward programs and special offers are available. Currently, MKF offers its very own reward program known as MKF Dollars. Here, customers can easily play some of the fantasy football props and sports games. Players can use these dollars instead of cash on any upcoming Monkey Knife Fight game. Once these games are played, they will get cash in return. However, MKF Dollars will not have any cash value and won’t be made eligible for money out. They are also non-transferable.

    After using the signup promo code for Monkey Knife Fight, players engage in various DFS contest games. There are different types of such contest games available. All you need to do is pick the fantasy team, compete against competitors, and win a handsome welcome bonus of $500!

    Remember to choose your team based on their current gaming statistics only. While looking for top DFS Betting Sites in NJ, MKF will likely be correct at the top of the list. Here, you get to play either Under or Over. If you play Under, you will receive points for every yard he fell short of the total. And for the Over games, you will earn for every yard your player eclipses the total. Prizes depend on the correct predictions made.

    Follow MKF on Twitter for special offers. There are other social media platforms where the promotions are announced promptly for existing and new users.

    Sports Challenges at Monkey Knife Fight DFS Betting in New Jersey

    Before moving forward towards NJ Monkey Knife Fight DFS odds, learning a bit more about the sports challenges waiting for you to grab in NJ is mandatory. Each one has its specifications listed.

    • National Football League: Known to be a professional American football league, this section consists of 32 teams. Each is equally divided between the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. The headquarters is in New York, and Roger Goodell is the commissioner. Its subsidiaries include National Football Conference, NFL Network, and more.
    • Major League of Baseball: This Major League of Baseball came into existence after merging American League and National League in 1903. Right from then on, this league is the first name that comes to people’s minds when considering baseball in the USA. Its fantasy version has gained quite some popularity among sports lovers and continues to be that way.
    • Women’s National Basketball Association: Known to be a professional basketball league in the USA, the Women’s National Basketball Association consists of 12 teams. It was founded on 1996, April 22nd, and is noted to be the women’s counterpart to the National Basketball Association. Its commissioner is Cathy Engelbert.
    • NASCAR: The abbreviated form of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, NASCAR is primarily known for its stock car racing. It was in the year 1948 when Bill France Sr. founded this privately owned company. Jim France was NASCAR’s CEO until August 6th, 2018. Its headquarters are in Daytona Beach, Florida.
    • Soccer: Records trace back soccer over 2000 years ago to the ancient parts of China. However, some parts of Central America, Greece, and Rome have claimed to have started this sport. However, it was England who first transitioned soccer into the game that sports lovers know these days.
    • Golf: The modern version of golf originated in 15th century Scotland. However, the ancient origins are pretty much unknown even to this date. Some historians can trace golf back to a Roman game called Paganica. Right now, some of the best golf teams are Duke Blue Devils Women’s Golf, Stanford Cardinal Women’s Golf, Oklahoma State Cowboys Men’s Golf, Florida Gators men’s golf, and more.
    • League of Legends: Known to be a team-based game, League of Legends has more than 140 champions. It is a multiplayer online battle video game published and developed by Riot Games for macOS and Microsoft Windows. This game was inspired by Defense of the Ancients and was released on October 27th, 2009.

    Learning About NJ Monkey Knife Fight DFS Contest Choices

    You can visit Monkey Knife Fight Directly in New Jersey if you want. But first, let’s delve into the contest choices for a better understanding.

    • Over/Under: You won’t find any salary cap-based contests or lineup building in MKF. The contest’s main focus will be prop scenarios, where the player can choose to go over or under any benchmark. Here, you know what your players might need before the games. For example, the NFL contest might ask you to choose whether your quarterbacks will go under or over a certain number of passing yards.
    • Rapid Fire: Rapid Fire provides you with a selected team of combined players against one another. For example, you can play Tom Brady against Jared Golf and select who finishes the full passing yards. Regarding receptions, receiving yards, and rushing yards, you need to pick the highest amount between some other players. Prizes will vary based on the Rapid Fire game you choose.
    • Reception Connection: Here, you get to pick three players to reach your target goal, already pre-planned for receptions. You will have three different goals, each more difficult than the rest.
    • Hail Mary: In the Hail Mary wagering page, the players will already be chosen for you. It will help if you bet on whether the player can pass the targeted amount of Passing Yard Goals.
    • Rush Hour: Here, you will receive your players as they will be handpicked for you beforehand. It is up t
      o you to decide if they will likely receive the targeted amount of rushing points.
    • Go Long: The players will be handpicked for you. It is for you to decide how long the game will last. If your prediction matches, you are up for prizes.
    • Fantasy Challenge: Even here, the players are selected for you. Your task here is to decide if they are likely to earn decent fantasy points for beating the estimate or not.

    NJ Monkey Knife Fight Mobile Platform

    Mobile Betting Bonuses

    It isn’t hard to state that NJ Monkey Knife Fight Android app is pretty clean. It is simple to use and easy on the eyes. However, there isn’t any app directly from Monkey Knife Fight, but the site can be easily optimized to work on mobile web browsers. There is a mobile web version, which is pretty responsive and smooth. There isn’t any noticeable lag time or glitches. This mobile version is secure and safe and can perform all the same functions you do on desktops. Everything can now cover everything from entering contests to withdrawing funds on mobile devices.

    Downloading the Mobile App

    As mentioned, no such mobile app is dedicated to Monkey Knife Fight. So, there is hardly any need to download one mobile app. This game features a mobile-optimized version of all pages. While accessing this site through a smartphone, the mobile-optimized DFS section will be the default selection.

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS Banking Section and Cashing Out

    MKF offers various funding options. Right now, the only way to get money into your account is through debit or credit cards. When withdrawing cash, Monkey Knife Fights will refund amounts first, equal to a deposit to the primary funding source. Then, there will be an option relating to funding release in check forms. It takes around three to five business days to process a check. For players making over $600, the site will need a valid mailing address and Social Security number.

    Customer Support Service

    MKF has all the policies listed on the screen’s left side on the desktop and the drop-down menu on mobile. You will receive clickable links for responsible play and terms and conditions. You can even click on the “privacy policy” to learn more. For any query on Online Sportsbooks for DFS Bets in New Jersey, click the “Help” section. There is a ZenDesk ticketing system where you get to submit queries. You can even directly send an email to [email protected].

    Competitors of Monkey Knife Fight

    Even though MKF is a great gaming platform and is noted to host some of the best NFL seasons, some other competitors are also leading the chart. You have DraftKings, FanDuel, and more as some other sites, where you can start trying your luck playing some games. However, the hype about MKF is pretty fundamental. Players love to spend time on this platform. Monkey Knife Fight has a fantastic reputation for being quite loyal to its customers and giving its competitors a tough time surviving.

    Some Latest News Up The Sleeves

    MKF now has some exciting news to share with its players. The team has partnered with @Brewers as their exclusive and official site. The Milwaukee Brewers announced this partnership on its social media page and told the world about it. Moreover, MKF has now bought the stakes of FantasyDraft, a DFS site, for an undisclosed amount of money. According to the latest deal made, Monkey Knife Fight will get a significant user base and assets from FantasyDraft.


    To introduce the art of fantasy sports in New Jersey, Monkey Knife Fight is the ultimate king to watch out for. With special notes on players’ statistics and so many NBA games to cover, users won’t find it boring to play on MKF ever again. The betting industry has changed quite a bit with the advent of the online section.

    So, if you are one such sports lover, thrilled to participate in the game through bets, MKF is the right choice for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Monkey Knife Fight legal in New Jersey?

    Monkey Knife Fight is pretty much legal in New Jersey. It is currently adding multiple games under the Fantasy Sports section to make the platform more lucrative.

    What is the minimum age required to play on the Monkey Knife Fight site in New Jersey?

    There is just one restriction on the age limit while playing on the Monkey Knife Fight site in New Jersey. You have to be at least 18 years of age to start betting.

    Is there an iOS app on Monkey Knife Fight?

    There is no particular iOS or Android app available on Monkey Knife Fight. However, the game is well crafted to make it mobile optimized anytime you want.

    Can I play for free on Monkey Knife Fight in NJ?

    This platform will offer free bets to new users only. So, once you signed up and made a basic deposit, you can start playing the games free of cost, using your free bet as provided. You can also play without spending a dollar if there is no deposit bonus promotion available.

    How can I withdraw my winnings from Monkey Knife Fight in New Jersey?

    It is pretty simple to withdraw money from your registered Monkey Knife Fight gaming account. Visit the “My Account” page and then select the “Withdraw” button. Here, you can choose the favorable withdrawal method and then press enter.

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