NHL Sports Betting in New Jersey – Overview

Published: Jan 3, 2023 Updated: Jan 30, 2023

On June 11 2018, the governor of New Jersey had signed Bill 4111, which legalized sports betting at casinos and racetracks across the state. This bill also had a provision which allowed casinos and racetracks to diversify their operations onto the internet. This has led to the development of one of the most diverse markets in the entire country. There are various sports and professional leagues active in the United States. But when you consider sheer numbers, the National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the largest players. This league contains a total of 31 amazing teams, of which 24 are American and 7 are Canadian. It is the most competitive and highly skilled hockey league in the world.

Each regular season of the NHL consists of 82 full-scale games, so the betting and wagering opportunities are diverse. If you are a hockey fan, then you can spice up your NHL experience by engaging in legal sports betting in NJ. You can have a lot of fun and earn a rather decent amount of money at the same time. If you are new to online gambling and real money betting sites in New Jersey, then this guide will provide you with all the info that you need. This article will take you through each and every aspect of New Jersey NHL betting. With this info, your journey into the world of sports gambling will become very simple and hassle-free.

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    Aspects to Consider While Selecting New Jersey Online Sports Betting Sites

    Here are some of the main and deciding aspects of NHL sports betting sites that you should keep in mind.

    • Betting Options: When it comes to ice hockey, spectators and fans enjoy a large number of options such as parlays, first period, puck line, point spread, etc. By determining the most predictable lines during the game, you will be able to benefit from a much bigger payout.
    • Betting Bonuses: The bonuses offered by the NJ mobile sports betting site should also be a major consideration for the newbie wagerer. Since the websites are so competitive, the size of the sign-up bonus is one of the most important factors, especially when it comes to ice hockey bets.
    • Loyalty Programs: By betting on NHL online in NJ, wagerers can also earn exciting loyalty points and bonuses. The perks offered by the game site’s loyalty program is a very big consideration that you definitely have to make. The longer you play, the better rewards you can enjoy.
    • Betting Security: Within the state of New Jersey, Bill 4111 has made all kinds of sports and racetrack betting 100% legal. If the site you are using abides by all the rules and regulations set forth by the New Jersey state government, then it is secure.
    • Banking Methods: The banking methods put in place for bettors engaging in in-play NHL betting are diverse and 100% secure. You can use your credit card, debit card and wire transfers. Conversely, you can also make/receive secure payments by using standard e-wallet applications like PayPal.

    The Top 8 Online Sports Betting Sites In New Jersey

    Here are some of the best New Jersey NHL betting apps/sites that will allow you to have a great first-time experience. You will surely come back for more.


    DraftKings is actually the very first NJ retail sportsbook service operating after the legalization of sports betting in the state of New Jersey. It is one of the most sought after and trusted platforms. NBA Superstar Michael Jordan is a board advisor at DraftKings. Once the user signs up successfully on the DraftKings website, they will receive a signup bonus of more than 1000 USD. This bonus will also include a risk-free bet and a deposit match. This signup bonus is activated the moment you transfer at least 5 USD into your DraftKings account. Your first NHL bet with this platform is going to be risk-free and will be worth upto 500 USD. You will also be liable to receive a 500 USD deposit match, by engaging in a 25-x play-through requirement. To sign up onto DraftKings, you need to be 21 and older.


    FanDuel SportsbookFanDuel is one of DraftKings’ biggest competitors and is one of the most popular New Jersey sports betting apps. Based in New York City, FanDuel was established in 2009. In May 2018, they merged their operations with the well-known Irish bookmaker Flutter Entertainment and are now extremely successful. Like most platforms, FanDuel allows users to access a standard deposit bonus of 100% on your very first deposit. This bonus amount is limited to 100 USD. If you land in a net-negative zone, you will receive 100 USD in return. Their play-through requirement is very low. To use their New Jersey sports betting app, you need to satisfy two conditions. First, you need to be 21 years and older. Secondly, you have to be a legal resident of the state of New Jersey. You can transfer funds using PayPal, wire transfers, eCheck, FanDuel prepaid cards, etc.


    PointsBet is an American sportsbook and bookmaking company that operates major NHL sports betting in New Jersey. Established in January 2019, this platform is a fairly new member. However, they have made a sizable mark on the online NHL and sports betting industry in such a short time. There’s a deposit matching scheme that they offer based on the amount of money that you put into your account. If you deposit 50 USD, you’ll be given a 150 USD bet. Similarly, if you deposit 150 and 250 USD, you can enjoy bets of 300 and 500 USD respectively. There are various bonus codes that you can input while signing up for your PointsBest account. By using “BONUSNOW”, you can access those amazing deposit matching schemes. However, PointsBet currently supports only credit cards and e-checks. You will have to get identity verification completed before you can withdraw your winnings.

    SugarHouse Sportsbook

    SugarHouse sportsbookThis sportsbook can be accessed by American citizens who reside in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In New Jersey, it is one of the most well-known and widely used NHL betting apps and websites. This app for iOS and Android provides first-time bettors with a 100% deposit matching scheme, where you will be able to bet on double the amount of money that you deposit. The ceiling amount for this deposit is going to be 250 USD. The code for this feature is “PLAY250”. To play on this website or app, you will need to be a resident of either New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Also, you will need to be 21 years of age and older. This platform supports a large number of banking options including PayPal, 7 Eleven PayNearMe, wire transfers, Cryptocurrency, etc.

    Caesar’s Sportsbook

    When it comes to gambling and sports betting, Caesar’s is one of the most recognizable and well-known names in the world. This sportsbook is one of the branches of Caesar’s Entertainment, which also includes the world-famous Caesar’s Palace hotel and casino on the Strip in Las Vegas. When it comes to new users, Caesar’s treats them right by offering them attractive signup bonuses. First of all, you will be able to access a no-deposit bonus of 10 USD by entering the code “BETFREE10”. You can use this amount to place as many NHL bets as you can. They also offer a 100% deposit match upto 300 USD on your very first bet. To use this site, your physical location needs to be within the state of New Jersey and you need to be 21 and older. Some of the banking options include PayPal, wire transfers, Neteller, etc.

    MGM Sportsbook

    MGM Sportsbook NJIf you decide to bet on NHL games in New Jersey, then the MGM sportsbook will be one of the most attractive options that you can consider. This online retail sportsbook is operated by the same casino operators who are responsible for the MGM Grand’s casino operations. New players are given the option to enjoy a 100% deposit matching scheme. The upper limit for the deposit amount is 500 USD for the very first bet. By using the promo code “PLAYBONUS”, you will also be able to enjoy free bets worth 10 USD on a weekly basis. If you decide to become a regular bettor or wagerer, this Sportsbook also has an attractive loyalty program that you could consider. To access this platform, you will need to be 21 years of age and older. The banking options that you can use include PayNearMe, PayPal, wire transfers, etc.

    Golden Nugget

    Golden Nugget’s platform allows bettors to first make a risk-free bet that’s worth upto a 100 USD. The Golden Nugget website is one of the most user friendly and well-known platforms where all NJ-based wagerers can place bets. Their platform is also very diverse, encrypted and secure. This sportsbook is fully integrated with the Golden Nugget online casino. The players who win money at the casino can channel their winnings into the games conducted by the Sportsbook. They also have implemented an attractive loyalty and bonus program, which is absolutely perfect for regular bettors and heavy wagerers. Golden Nugget’s platform also comes with a diverse array of transaction and banking options. There are various secure and encrypted channels that you can use to deposit money into the account. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you can do so with the help of Cryptocurrency, wire transfers, etc.

    William Hill Sportsbook

    This platform is just perfect for sports fans who are new to the world of sports betting. Here, you can make bets as small as 2-3 USD. This is just ideal for newcomers who are reluctant to bet large amounts of money at the very beginning. When you register, you will be greeted with a signup bonus of 10 USD. By using the “LEGAL150” promo code, you will also be able to access a 100% deposit matching scheme. For up to 150 USD worth of bets, William Hill will provide you with 100% deposit matching guarantees. There are various transactional and financial windows that you can use to deposit money into your William Hill account. Apart from the usual methods like wire transfers and credit cards, you can also use non-conventional methods like cryptocurrency and PayPal. To use this, you have to be 21 and older.

    888 Sportsbook

    Available Wager Types to Bet on NHL in New Jersey

    After finalizing the New Jersey NHL online sports betting platform, you have to figure out how to bet on the NHL. Here are the various types you can explore.

    • Puck Line: Puck line is a type of spread betting options that are typically available during ice hockey games. The puck line is defined as -1.5 goals for the favourite team and +1.5 goals for the underdogs. As hockey is a typically low-scoring game, the values change depending on the strength of the teams in question. The favourite has to win by two goals while the underdog wins by 1 goal.
    • Totals: The total is another kind of bet that is offered during ice hockey games. It is an over and under framework where the bettor has to wager an amount on the total number of goals scored during the match. If the number of goals scored is more than the stipulated amount, you will win/lose a certain amount of money. The same goes if the number of goals is less than the amount.
    • Money Line: It is the simplest one. In this kind of bet, the gambler bets a certain amount of money on who the winner of the match is going to be. If the team that you bet on wins the match, then the sportsbook you sign up for will pay you the winning amount. Apart from being the simplest type of bet, it is also the most exciting kind.
    • Futures Bet: The futures bets are also something that are a frequent element of all kinds of sports betting institutions. This basically involves the gamblers wagering a certain amount of money on who the winner of the next big match is going to be. For example, someone might place a bet on who the winner of the next Stanley Cup is going to be. You could also bet on the NHL Finals winners.
    • Parlays: A parlay is a special kind of sports betting wager that combines two or more bets into one singular bet. Parlay bets are usually a mixture of other bet types, such as puck line bets, money line bets, futures bets, etc. However, each of the bets that make up the parlay bet have to be from different games. The advantage of a parlay bet is that the payout you would receive is large.
    • Proposition Bets: A proposition bet, also known as a prop bet, is a wager made on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event during the match. The event chosen for this bet must not have a direct effect on the results of the match. Prop bets are one of the most popular types of sporting bets, especially during the exciting NHL hockey games.
    • Teaser Bets: A teaser bet is fundamentally similar to the parlay. Instead of betting on one single thing, you actually wager a portfolio of other bets. Even though a teaser bet is essentially the same thing as a parlay, the main difference between them is that the bettor can alter point spreads of over/under totals between 4 and 10 points. The total spread of the teaser points depends on the sport in question.

    Best Times to Make Bets During the National Hockey League Online

    These are the different periods of the NHL season where you’ll make good quality bets.

    • Regular Season: The uninterrupted regular season of the NHL consists of exactly 82 exciting matches between 31 of the best and most talented ice hockey teams in the world. The regular season matches are absolutely ideal for some hardcore online betting. You can bet on individual NHL games in NJ.
    • Stanley Cup Playoffs: The Stanley Cup Playoffs are an exciting part of the NHL. It is an elimination tournament that consists of exactly four rounds. Each round has its own best-of-seven series that end up determining the winner of the current season of the NHL and the Stanley Cup winner.
    • Stanley Cup Finals: The final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are known as the Stanley Cup Finals. It is the ultimate deciding match of the National Hockey League and is extremely popular. This match is actually perfect if you want to wager on NHL futures markets or money line bets.
    • NHL All-Star Game: The All-Star Game of the NHL is a huge exhibition match that has the star players of the current season fighting in a highly matched battle against each other. It is a very popular match and is actually one of the best times for bets on events.

    Tips for Betting in New Jersey NHL Online

    • Proper Money Management: If you want to win big, you have to practice proper money management. Keeping your amount consistent over time will help you reap big rewards.
    • Don’t Fall For Favorites: Do not bet for the favourite teams all the time. They create an inherent bias in the minds of bettors. Go for the underdog sometimes.
    • Don’t Bet On Bad Teams After They Win: If a team that consistently performs badly manages to sneak in an impressive win, then you should avoid betting on them.
    • Expert’s Opinion is Helpful: The most important tip is to keep yourself updated and informed. That way you shall know the NHL hockey odds for your wager.
    • Go with Your Gut: Instinct is a very valuable thing especially for gamblers. If you’ve a gut feeling about particular NHL Championship odds, then you should go for it.


    This year has been very unpredictable and weird because of the coronavirus. By choosing a reliable platform, you can actually have a really good season. The best way to make reliable decisions is to trust your instincts, do your research and follow the latest trends in hockey.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is it legal to bet on NHL online in NJ?

    It is 100% legal to bet on the NHL online in New Jersey, as long as you are using an online platform that has all the proper operator licenses and other legal formalities.

    How to bet on NHL Playoffs in NJ?

    If you have registered on an online platform, you can look up the playoff odds and bet on your team.

    How to bet on an NHL All-Stars game?

    If you have registered on an online platform, you can look up the All-Stars Game odds and bet on your team.

    How old should I be to bet on the NHL in New Jersey?

    To engage in online sports betting, you have to be at least 21 years old or older.

    What is the best NJ site to bet on the NHL?

    There are various great sites that you can choose from, such as DraftKings, MGM, Caesar’s, etc.

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