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Published: Jan 5, 2023 Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year. Every year, people bet on who they think will win the game. Sportsbooks are already looking ahead to next year’s game and posting odds on who they think will win. You can bet on the Super Bowl at any time.

This page provides you with information on how to bet on the Super Bowl and where to bet legally online in New Jersey.

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BetAmerica Sportsbook NJ

BetAmerica Sportsbook NJ


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BetStars Sportsbook NJ

BetStars Sportsbook NJ


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    Best Sportsbooks in NJ for Super Bowl

    With the Super Bowl Odds in NJ being a massive activation time for players, many online sportsbooks are rolling out bonuses and promotions. Here is a brief detail of the promo codes offered by some of the top online websites to Bet On Super Bowl in the State Of New Jersey. This table briefs you about the promotional offers and bonuses provided by various sportsbooks.

    Name of the SportsbookPromo Code
    DraftKings Sportsbook$1,000 FREE or +300 moneyline odds
    BetMGM’s Sportsbook200-to-1 promo
    PointsBet Sportsbook$250 deposit bonus
    FanDuel Sportsbook$500 risk-free bet
    William Hill SportsbookLEGAL150, 100% bonus of for $100
    SugarHouse SportsbookPLAY250, $250 bonus on deposit
    Caesars SportsbookBETFREE10, $10 no-deposit bonus

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings Sportsbook has the Best Super Bowl Odds, such as up to $1,000 FREE ($500 risk-free bet + up to $500 deposit bonus) or +300 Moneyline odds ($20 max bet) for new players. Finally, the $1,000 offers a more valuable risk-free bet, but the deposit bonus is by 20% only. For small bettors, the +300 Moneyline is an excellent and tangible option. It also offers a free contest for Super Bowl Betting Odds. Also, no promo code is needed to avail of the benefits, and the signup process is extremely easy.

    BetMGM’s Sportsbook

    Offering a 200-to-1 promo for Odds to Win Super Bowl, new users can place a $1 bet on BetMGM Sportsbook. Most interesting, the odds of such betting are quite high. The $200 offers to keep changing with time. If you wish to know more about the Current Super Bowl Odds 2023 In New Jersey, visit the website.

    PointsBet Sportsbook

    Popular as the most customer-friendly sportsbook, PointsBet is offering $250, a deposit bonus. If the team you are supporting scores the first touchdown, you will get $50 of Moneyline. Newbies signing up for the account and depositing $50, also get $150.

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    In Football Betting New Jersey, a player gets $500, a risk-free bet. Compared to others, FanDuel is less promotional, but is the largest online Sports Betting website. With 15 prop bets, they also offer a free Super Bowl prop. Getting 12 props right will give you $100 in site credit, and winning all 15 will give you $15000 in site credit. Available for iOS, desktop, and Android users, and in the FanDuel sportsbook, no promo code is required to avail of the benefits. If you lose your first bet, use $1000.

    William Hill Sportsbook

    The most powerful and legalized vendor, William Hill Sportsbook, has decades of experience in online betting in Nevada and the UK. In 2018 September, it launched one of its branches in NJ, and since then, it has emerged as the most trustworthy website. The promo code for William Hill is LEGAL150 and offers 100% a bonus of $150. Only for joining, a player gets a free offer of $10.

    SugarHouse Sportsbook

    SugarHouse Sportsbook offers mobile and online sports Betting Opportunities with Golden Nugget Atlantic City. It provides $250 and a 100% match on the first deposit with the only one-time playthrough. To avail of the offer, use promo code PLAY250. The sportsbook also provides clues that bettors can see on the website. The website is beautifully designed, which is why navigation becomes more comfortable.

    Caesars Sportsbook

    Start Super Bowl Betting Games with Caesars Sportsbook with Caesars Rewards account. By simply clicking on the signup button, you can start the process and win online credits. Winning a tier credit every time, adds to your annual tier score. The tier status is determined based on this score. Tier credits can be earned throughout the year, and Caesars Rewards offers a lot to its members. BETFREE10 is the promo code, and a $10 no-deposit bonus is given to the players for signing up.

    The first match was played in 1967 after both champions completed their league in 1966. Until 1970, till the merger began in effect, the two champions, AFL and NFL, agreed to play the annual AFL–NFL World Championship Game. After the merger, the team’s name was changed to the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC); however, the NFL has restricted the Super Bowl trademark.  The NFC and AFC team compete to create win-loss records in the Regular Season. The teams with the best record will go directly to the playoffs. Consecutively, the playoffs will decide who will play against each other in the Super Bowl. In various parts of the United States, the Super Bowl is played. In 2020, Super Bowl 54 was hosted by South Florida, and in 2021, Tampa, Florida, will host it.

    How to Bet on Super Bowl in NJ?

    In New Jersey, the highest-quality sports betting sites have a vast array of wagering options available to users, including:

    Moneyline Betting

    Moneyline betting is the easiest in Super Bowl Betting In New Jersey, where you need to simply bet on a team that you think will win. No need to worry about the margin, and if the team wins, you win.

    Under Or Over Betting

    Here you need to predict the total score both the team will make in the game. It is different from other betting options, and the payout does not need to be equal.


    This is a betting option where you need to collectively guess the score of both the teams. Suppose, if the oddsmaker has given a score of 48.5, you have two options under or over. If you think it’s less than 48.5, go for under; otherwise, over. If the score is exactly 48.5, it’s known to be a push. In such a case, your money will be refunded to you.

    Betting Live

    In-play betting allows you to play in the Super Bowl while the match is on. Before each game, the betting odds are updated, allowing you to decide if it will win on a field goal, touchdown, or interception. It disappears quite fast, so you need to place the bets quickly.


    Futures is a wager when you bet on a team that will win the next year’s Super Bowl. Suppose Super Bowl 54 is going on, and you are betting on Super Bowl 55, known as Futures. Well, it is an excellent time to bet as the odds are decent for every team. The only aspect here is you will not get to know about the bets until the first Sunday of February next year.

    Against the Spread

    In football, betting is the most common bet against the spread, and usually, bettors get confused viewing the spread change soon after placing it. If a sportsbook sees that a lot of money is invested in one team, it changes the spread for equal betting.

    Game Props

    Interested betting in various game scenarios? You should try this one. Game prop Bet Online Super Bowl is exactly what a player needs. The Super Bowl Betting Sites release numerous betting alternatives in Yes/No props or Under/Over props.

    Coin Toss

    Flip a coin before each football match determining which team will ball first. Known to be the most popular props, and that’s why; a million players try this out.

    National Anthem Props

    Before every sporting event, the Star-Spangled Banner is performed, including the Super Bowl in the United States. Anthem props start from when the song is belted out and if the singer will forget a word.

    Gatorade Shower

    Traditions, like Gatorade Shower, are highly popular in the football match’s night. Here players from the winning team dump a large tank of icy-cold electrolyte water over their coach. It signifies that they have won the match, and the bettors need to guess the Gatorade Shower color.

    Exotic Props

    Wide-range props are known as exotic props as it relates more to instances off the field. It can deal with things like the Bitcoin price at the kick time, etc.

    Halftime Show Props

    It gives the audiences a chance to take a break, and in an entertainment clinic, look for some of the best performers of the time. Here a player needs to bet on the singer shirt color, wearing a hat, etc.

    Parlay Bet

    In Parlay Bet, a player bets on multiple wagers, tying them on a single bet. In the set, if you lose one bet, you lose the entire parlay set.

    Players Props

    If you are in love with football, players’ props are something that anyone would tell you to try. The best Super Bowl Prop Bets In NJ are players’ props where many options are there, such as the head-to-head player matchup, Yes/No prop, or an OVER/UNDER.

    Point Spread

    They can be placed in the postseason, regular season, and the Super Bowl. For these Betting Options, you aren’t choosing who will be the winner, but how much difference they will win.

    Handicapping Bets

    The last thing is to place a bet without any research, such as David Tyree’s helmet during Super Bowl 45. Here you would know what type of bets to be made and how to handicap them.

    The Most Valuable Player

    After the game is over, the most valuable player (MVP) is chosen. Known to be the desired title in the Super Bowl, the person winning MVP is an honor. Well, you can place bets on the player you think will get this privilege.

    Of course, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a doubt whether the tournament will be conducted. Even if it’s conducted, how the crowd will be was a question. Well, at least the Super Bowl tournament was conducted, and fans were also there. But leaving all this, the NJ Betting Sites Review also did see a downfall. But in Super Bowl 2022, many bettors will try their fate in betting. For their information, betting can be done during the season, preseason, when the playoff starts, when the team is set, during the match, conferences to reach the Super Bowl, etc.

    Super Bowl Odds

    The NFL season has started on 10th September, where 32 teams have fought in Super Bowl 57. Every year on the first Sunday of February, the Super Bowl is played, and in Super Bowl 2022 Predictions, 14 teams are going to qualify instead of 12 teams. The odds are divided into three sections such as

    • Super Bowl Odds
    • Conferences Odd
    • Divisional odds

    Here is a table stating the Odds

    Buffalo Bills +130Philadelphia Eagles +210
    Kansas City Chiefs +350Tampa Bay Buccaneers +500
    Baltimore Ravens +1000Minnesota Vikings +700
    Los Angeles Chargers +1000San Francisco 49ers +800
    Cincinnati Bengals +1400Green Bay Packers +900
    Miami Dolphins +2200Los Angeles Rams +900
    Indianapolis Colts +2500Dallas Cowboys +900
    New England Patriots +3000New York Giants +2200
    Tennessee Titans +3500New Orleans Saints +3500
    Las Vegas Raiders +3500Arizona Cardinals +4000
    Denver Broncos +4000Atlanta Falcons +6600
    New York Jets +4000Detroit Lions +8000
    Cleveland Browns +4000Seattle Seahawks +12500
    Jacksonville Jaguars +5000Washington Commanders +12500
    Pittsburgh Steelers +12500Carolina Panthers +30000
    Houston Texans +40000Chicago Bears +30000


    2022-23 AFC EAST ODDS2022-23 AFC WEST ODDS
    Buffalo Bills -900Kansas City Chiefs -200
    Miami Dolphins +1200Los Angeles Chargers +200
    New England Patriots +1600Denver Broncos +2000
    New York Jets +2000Las Vegas Raiders +2500


    2022-23 NFC NORTH ODDS2022-23 NFC SOUTH ODDS
    Minnesota Vikings -300Tampa Bay Buccaneers -550
    Green Bay Packers +240Atlanta Falcons +700
    Detroit Lions +4000New Orleans Saints +1100
    Chicago Bears +8000Carolina Panthers +4000


    2022-23 NFC WEST ODDS2022-23 NFC EAST ODDS
    San Francisco 49ers +100Philadelphia Eagles -400
    Los Angeles Rams +140Dallas Cowboys +550
    Arizona Cardinals +1100New York Giants +750
    Seattle Seahawks +1100Washington Commanders +15000


    2022-23 AFC NORTH ODDS2022-23 AFC SOUTH ODDS
    Baltimore Ravens -140Indianapolis Colts +110
    Cincinnati Bengals +200Tennessee Titans +160
    Cleveland Browns +700Jacksonville Jaguars +425
    Pittsburgh Steelers +2200Houston Texans +3000

    Most Successful Team in Super Bowl History

    The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have won the maximum times with six championships, while the San Francisco and Dallas Cowboys have won five. The New England Patriots have made the highest appearance in Super Bowl 11. Both NFC and AFC have 27 Super Bowl in their name. Wishing to know more about the Super Bowl records, this table can help you.

    Name Of The TeamWinsLosses
    Pittsburgh Steelers62
    Dallas Cowboys53
    Green Bay Packers41
    San Francisco 49ers52
    Denver Broncos35
    Washington Redskins32
    New England Patriots65

    Top New Jersey Online Super Bowl Betting Tips

    The Super Bowl Betting Strategy will help you win some of the Bet On Super Bowl 2022 while offering a satisfying experience. The tips explained here ensure that you take a good approach while betting.

    • Don’t Getting Carried Away: Once you have opened the sportsbook, you will come across a huge selection of 2022-23 Super Bowl Betting Lines. Every sportsbook offers various propositions to try in. Additionally, many bets are there aside from props, and it’s nice to know and try out different things. As a result, you will end up playing the game quite well. Most crucially, concentrate on smaller bets that seem interesting to you. Do not end your bankroll by betting on multiple wagers. Target on bets on which you think you have a better chance to win.
    • Pick Up A Reputed and Trustworthy Website: Super bowl is a thrilling and fun game, but the entire thing can get spoiled if you do not pick up a reputed and trustworthy website. A top tip to consider does not opt for an untrusted sportsbook. Choosing an unsafe Super Bowl website can lead to more issues that you might never want to face. Also, to get a fast payout and easy navigation, it is always better to go with a popular website.
    • Reliable Source of Information: Well, this guide has included everything about the Super Bowl that can help you win Odds On 2021 Super Bowl. Following this guide is enough for you as a bettor. Plus, if you wish to follow any other aspects, ensure to look for a reliable source of information.
    • Do Not Reach Late to The Party  : Winning with placing the wagers is essential while sitting in a comfortable place with snacks and beverages. There is no point in placing bets if you cannot win them. That’s why; you must reach timely before the match starts.
    • Stack Correlated : Most importantly, betting on the Super Bowl is easy if you have some basic ideas. Initially, try out with additional parlay wagers as it makes sense with the game flow. Suppose if a team has a higher chance of winning, do not bet on that team only. In spite of that, opt for parlays as other bets are also correlated. Look for various other alternatives that are more likely to win.

    Aspects to Consider While Placing Super Bowl Bets in New Jersey

    Here are some aspects following which will help you to place the bets. They are:

    • Experts are available to ensure that you make smart picks during and before the game. Check with them what they wish to suggest.
    • Oddsmakers can anytime change the odds even before the kickoffs. In case you see a good price, do not stay behind to take them early.
    • Look for various sportsbooks as it will help you to give an idea which one to opt for.
    • Betting results are always updated, and that’s why; it’s essential to check them before placing the bets.
    • Do not bet beyond your limit as you cannot handle the huge props; stay away from it. It’s always better to try out with smaller wagers.

    Where to Watch Super Bowl Live in NJ?

    The Super Bowl is just doing the rounds, and in some time, it’s going to start. Before that, ensure that you know where you can see Who Will Win the Super Bowl 2021? Many places are there where you can watch Super Bowl 2021. Fox has the official rights, and if you do not have Fox, download any other channels like Fox Now, Fox Sports, or the NFL app, and log in. Some other online platforms to watch Super Bowl are Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast Xbox One, Samsung TVs, Fire TV, and Android TV.

    Super Bowl Latest News

    The Chiefs and Bills played an exciting game last week, with the Bills coming out on top. This means that the Bills are in a good position to win the AFC Championship game.

    However, there are other teams that could still compete for the title. The Jets beat the Packers last week and they will be playing the Bills in a few weeks. Denver also had a tough game against the Chargers but they managed to force overtime. Other notable matchups include the Eagles defeating the Giants and the Buccaneers losing to the Steelers.

    This week, all eyes will be on Dallas as they play Detroit and Kansas City takes on San Francisco. Cardinals fans will be hoping that their team can get back on track when they play the Saints.

    Remember, anything can happen in the playoffs so make sure to check back often to see your favorite team’s odds of winning the Super Bowl!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on the Super Bowl online in New Jersey?

    Super Bowl online is legal and operates in New Jersey, West Virginia, Arkansas, Nevada, Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, Iowa, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Delaware.

    When does the Super Bowl start?

    On the first Sunday of every year, the Super Bowl is conducted. In 2021, it took place on 7th February at around 6:30 p.m. ET.

    Who won the last Super Bowl?

    The Super Bowl Odds 2020 Vegas was the Kansas City Chiefs from the American Football Conference (AFC) champion.

    Who is the best Super Bowl team in 2021?

    The San Francisco 49ers was the best team in Super Bowl 2021, but the match was won by the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Where can I bet on the Super Bowl in New Jersey?

    Many websites are there to bet on the Super Bowl in New Jersey, and they are Caesars, DraftKings, PointsBet, BetMGM, FanDuel, SugarHouse, and William Hill.

    Who is favored to win the Super Bowl this year?

    The Kansas City Chiefs are favored to win the Super Bowl this year.

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