Guide to Tennis Betting in New Jersey – All You Need to Know

Published: Jan 4, 2023 Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Tennis has a way of captivating its viewers, and the ability to wager on matches amplifies that thrill tenfold. NJ online sports betting made its debut in 2018, quickly emerging as one of America’s most popular gambling scenes. The number of bettors continues to rise along with the growing selection of sites offering these services; now you can watch any tennis tournament from around the world while making profitable bets

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    Best Online Tennis Betting Sites in New Jersey

    Bet365 NJ

    Bet365 NJ


    You can watch over 100,000 games live every year
    Receive $200 credits when you place a wager of $1 or more
    A sports betting app that responds quickly
    BetStars Sportsbook NJ

    BetStars Sportsbook NJ


    Instant deposits for the most popular payment methods
    Great bonus offers
    Competitive odds on top sports
    Hard Rock Sportsbook New Jersey

    Hard Rock Sportsbook New Jersey


    Sportsbook App is available for Android and iOS
    Variety of Banking Options
    Generous bonus offers & promotions
    888 Sports NJ
    888 Sports NJ



    Custom column

    $10 free bet
    Elite VIP Club
    Fast payout methods
    BetAmerica Sportsbook NJ
    BetAmerica Sportsbook NJ



    Custom column

    Frequent promotions
    Fast, easy withdrawals
    New customer bonus
    BetMGM Sportsbook NJ
    BetMGM Sportsbook NJ



    Custom column

    “Boosted parlays”
    100% Deposit Match Up to $500
    Free $10 Weekly Bet
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    Choosing a Licensed and Regulated Site For Betting on Tennis Online in NJ

    Since 2018, innumerable online websites have come up, making it extremely challenging to consider an eminent betting website. But when it comes to NJ real money betting sites, a few characteristics are there that you cannot miss. Visiting the New Jersey tennis betting website and knowing their offers are the essential things. Start looking for odds boost, risk-free bets, first-time deposits facilities, etc. before deciding who would be a satisfactory choice. Several New Jersey tennis betting websites follow different banking methods. Therefore, look for a reputed website whose banking methods are more convincing. Loyalty programs are an important factor while looking for legal betting websites. The excitement of tennis betting starts with an amazing welcome bonus. The website should allow you to withdraw and deposit money according to your feasibility.  Best of all, the functionality of the website also plays an integral role in the safety parameters. Most crucially, the website should be user-friendly and mobile-friendly. No additional clauses should be included while placing bets over smartphones. Check the credentials of the website, like the licenses and certifications. Considering all such pointers will make your wagering hassle-free.

    Leading Tennis Betting Websites of NJ

    Betters creating accounts on the leading tennis betting websites in NJ enjoy outstanding promotions and bonuses. If you cannot pick up an appropriate NJ retail sportsbook, here is a quick rundown that you can find online.


    FanDuel Sportsbook is known to be one of the famous legal sports betting in NJ. Initially, when it was launched, FanDuel started as a fantasy company. But with time, it has evolved to be a popular and trusted online sportsbook. It has already launched sports betting app NJ for its players. The website offers a risk-free bet up to $500. Additionally, you can use FanDuel on iPhone, iOS devices, and Android devices. Sign up and betting process are easier for a beginner with FanDuel.


    DraftKings is a demanding sport betting operator and holds a daily fantasy sports contest. The sports website allows players to enter weekly and daily and win money based on their performances. In 2018, DraftKings launched DraftKings sportsbooks NJ, becoming the first mobile sports betting in New Jersey. With its launch, the mobile betting on tennis online in New Jersey was possible in many places like West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc. Free bets can be availed depending on particular tournaments, and every new player receives a welcome bonus of $1000.

    Golden Nugget

    Golden Nugget is fully owned by Tilman J. Fertitta and is a ruling online casino website. Golden Nugget Online Gaming, also known as GNOG, is a second publicly traded online casino in the United States. It is one of the best-positioned companies, capitalizing on the huge online gaming opportunities. The mobile-friendly website is a crucial aspect, which is why it is becoming more demanding among players.


    PointsBet opened its live gaming studio in New Jersey two years back. It offers both online gambling and mobile sports wagering services through LVD’s online licenses. The Tennis betting apps and website platforms are easy to operate even with new players. Even though it was recently launched, the website has still successfully gained a stronghold among the betters. Also, PointsBet offers rewards if you refer your friends.

    MGM Sportsbook

    Experience the thrill of online betting on tennis with a renowned website, MGM Sportsbook. Betting with MGM Sportsbook allows you to engage with your favorite event in real-time. The app for iOS and Android provides betting Tennis odds, multiple betting formats, enhanced offers, and many more things. The popular website works as free bets and also offers a welcome bonus when you sign up.


    First launched in 2019 in Pennsylvania, but since then, the customer base has doubled. It comes with a wide range of benefits and is compatible with desktop and mobile users. It also offers a 100% welcome bonus and is one of the reliable gaming platforms in the United States. The world-renowned casino offers a full match bonus of up to $500. Make sure that you use the bonus code PLAY500 to enjoy the benefits.

    William Hill

    William Hill is a trusted brand when it comes to online betting websites. The highly innovative website has successfully achieved a top place in the betting marketplace. It also offers a 100% match deposit bonus for up to a bet of $150. Additionally, you will come across an interesting list of tennis futures markets.


    Caesars Entertainment was established 30 years ago in casino gambling. After witnessing the immense popularity, they have also rolled into an online casino and are known to be a highly trusted online website. The free express check-out and 72 hours of free cancellation features have made Caesars well-liked among players. It comes under one of the rewarding casino loyalty clubs, offering multiple benefits. While winning rewards, enjoy shopping, dining is some of the aspects you can enjoy here.

    Offline and online betting has been in existence for now over a long time. Both have disadvantages and advantages, but with time, online gaming is evolving. Now in-play tennis betting sites have to offer many benefits compared to offline gaming. Even though offline betting has ruled for many decades, but now it’s time for live betting. Online betting has now become a more accepted form through which many players take part in sports leagues.

    Types of Bets to Wager on Tennis in NJ

    A world-famous racket game, tennis, is played among both the genders. For betting, you need to first know how to bet on tennis. A few wagering types that engage sports fans are:

    • Moneyline: It is a popular betting methodology and usually seen in other sports as well as hockey, baseball. Here the bets are placed on players to win totals, and you do not need to specify the winning runs.
    • Live Betting: In this bet type, the player bets on something that may happen or may not. Mainly, the type of bets that you will see in live betting is to win a set, a match, and a game. Overall, it indicates who is winning the current set and who will win the upcoming set.
    • Total Games: In this wager, you will bet on how a match is expected to last. In this sports betting, the sportsbook asks if the total will be higher or lower than the given number. You need to choose the answer that has a higher chance of becoming a reality. It is also known as over/under bets and can break the game in sections.
    • Point Spread: When a player is betting on a point spread, it indicates he is betting on a tennis player. It is also known as side bets, which can be subtracted or added to the total score. It is done based on whether you have won or lost the bet.
    • Correct Score: The correct score is the easiest one when it comes to an understanding of a beginner. If you wish to win a correct score, predict the final score accurately. Here there is no margin for error, and you have to predict the exact number.
    • Futures: A futures bet is a series of events that will finish anytime in the future. It is a bet completed only in the future and not on the day when it was placed.

    Important Terminologies to Know about Tennis Betting

    Tennis betting has become a global sport, and before you start, a player needs to know about the important terminologies about tennis betting. Here is a brief description of the terminologies.


    In the Tennis tournaments, set betting means when you can guess who the winner will be of a tennis match and the winner of the final sets.

    Match betting

    To win a match betting, either bet on player B or player A. Mostly, it’s seen that a match betting offers good betting opportunities. It can be made at any point in time during the tournament. Thus, if you wish to wait and see the match and then place the bets, you can do so.


    In a tennis tournament, when a player has zero digits, it’s love. Winning the first point will take a score of 15, second 30, third 40. It continues until the player’s deuce.


    In a tennis match, the scoring happens like this: 0, 15, 30, and 40. If you wish to win a game, winning a game point is a must. In every game, the first player reaches a game point or earns five points.


    In live tennis, the common betting strategy is when you bet against the first set winner. The winner can be easily determined with the help of the serve. A single set game acts as an advantage to the player against the opponents, but it does not indicate that he will win the match.


    In a single match, when two players have the same points, it is known as deuce. To win the game, the player needs to win two matches in a row.

    Biggest Tennis Events

    Before you bet on individual tennis games in NJ, you need to know about various kinds of tennis events. The game is distributed in three sections, tournaments, individual matches, and seasons. Every year, tennis tournaments draw the attention of many spectators across the world. Are you wondering about the best tournaments? A list compiling all the information regarding it is given here.

    French Open: Grand Slam (Roland Garros)

    Every year, the top tennis players go to Paris in the last week of May to play the tournament. Roland Garros offers a fantastic, visually striking performance as players slide and slip around the clay court. Of all grand slams events, it is the second-largest pot. It is different from the other matches as it is only one player.


    This tournament was first played in 1877 on the grass lawns and is still played in grass courts. It comes under the four major tournaments and takes place for two weeks in early July or late June. The tournament attracts the best tennis players across the world.

    US Open

    In 1881, the US Open was first introduced as the US National Championship. It is hosted in New York and is full of exuberance and fun. The US Open is played every year in early September or late August, perfectly when the summer is about to wrap up. In 2018, the tournament set a record of 800,000 tennis fans attending the event.

    ATP Australian Open

    This tennis tournament happens every year in Australia’s Melbourne. It is the first of all the four grand slams, featuring men’s and women’s singles, junior championships, mixed doubles, and many more. Before 1988, it was played on the grass court but is now played in the hard-court.

    Davis Cup

    The Davis cup is run by the International Tennis Federation and is conducted annually. The tournament initially started between the United States and Great Britain in 1990, and by the end of 2016, 135 nations had taken part in it.

    Fed Cup

    Started in 1963, the Fed Cup is for international tennis competition for women. It is the “world’s largest annual women’s international team sports competition”.

    Secret Tips and Strategies to Bet in NJ

    Betting markets are always lively and to win in a tennis tournament, first get through the strategies. When it comes to gambling, the pivotal pointer is money management. Also, a few more tips are there that you need to consider while betting online.

    • Collect information before betting: While choosing a tennis player to bet, form study is vital. You need to collect stats about how the players have performed previously and determine whom you wish to place the bets. If a player has lost the last four to five matches, it does not indicate that he will lose the next match. If he has a legitimate reason for losing, there is a high chance of winning a match the next time. That’s why; you need to be careful while placing the bets.
    • Sign up for the best betting website: The expert’s advice is to pick up a reliable and licensed betting website. The ultimate way to enjoy exclusive rewards and loyalty offers is by choosing an eminent website. The smartest choice would be to open accounts in various betting websites as it will provide information about the best odds. Websites like odds checker and betway can also help you to know about odds. With that, you can directly know how to proceed before placing the bets.
    • Understand the player’s psychology: An indispensable prerequisite is to understand the player’s psychology. A tennis match lasts for four to five hours, and the players are under high mental pressure during the entire tournament. Therefore, if you wish to win bets, you need to understand the player’s mind.

    When it comes to sports betting, not only do you need to be careful but also perfect. Even though betting mostly depends on chance, ensure that you do not make mistakes. Do not shop around looking for odds and place them blindly wherever you think so. The odds will have a great impact on your winnings. Do consider taking a look at the bankroll management as you should only bet with the amount that you can afford to lose and not more than that. Having unrealistic expectations makes things worse, so stay away from such things.


    Tennis is counted in one of the stunning games to freshen up your mind. 2021 has been an unforeseeable year for everyone, but if you love playing tennis and wish to earn some rewards, New Jersey tennis betting can be a brilliant way to do so. From selecting a well-liked betting website with the entire operator licenses to placing bets, all the information is included here. Check the tennis odds, and place the bets smartly as it will help you win. Once you start winning, you would love to play over again.

    For those searching for the best New Jersey betting sites, look no further than these reviews:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on tennis online in NJ?

    Yes, it's legal to bet on tennis online in NJ. Online gambling was legalized in the state of New Jersey in February 2013. Due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, legalization wasn't possible. By the end of 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the act legalizing online betting.

    What is set betting?

    Set Bets on events are when you guess the tennis match-winner with the final results of the sets.

    What is the biggest tournament in tennis?

    The biggest tournament in tennis is the four tennis Glam Slam events. But in the list, Wimbledon tops the first position, followed by French Open, US Open, and Australian Open.

    How can I check odds for tennis betting?

    To check odds for tennis best, you can visit websites like odds checker and betway.

    Can I win real money with tennis betting in NJ?

    Yes, you can win real money with tennis betting in NJ.

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