A Complete Chess Gambling Guide

Skill-based gaming in New Jersey has recently had a revival in interested through the gambling community. Many online casino members are now interested to start betting on games of skill, which include poker, backgammon, and chess gambling.

Skill-Based Gaming in New Jersey

Like poker, there are some options that are mainly based on player’s skill, rather than pure chance, which is common in casinos. Mental skills include their ability to strategize and think logically, while physical skills include dexterity and reaction time.

To gamble on chess, gamblers who would like to place bets must consider several factors. Odds in each game dramatically change depending on each player’s abilities, making them an exciting choice for gamblers who love challenges.

Gambling on Games of Skill

With growing interest in skill-based games, it pays to learn the basics of each one. Learning the skills required to play and how player skills change game odds will provide higher winning probabilities.

Take quick look at some common games and how each is played:


An ancient two-person game on a checkers board with 30 play pieces and two pairs of dice. Players aim to get all personal checkers around the board and into their home board first.


A game for two to four people, where each player places domino pieces on the board face up and try and match ends with existing tiles. Points are awarded to players who manage to arrange multiples of 5 on exposed ends after each play.


A strategic game of two people, where each player is given 16 game pieces of varying abilities. Each game piece design is only able to move in specific directions. Players use game pieces to collect opponent pieces and checkmate their opponent’s king.


A partner’s game for four people, where each player aims to earn the highest amount of points from card tricks from basic 52 card deck. Once cards are dealt, players bid by announcing how many tricks they can take.

Contract bridge

A partnership game with four players, it is a trick-taking strategy using standard 52 card deck. Players place bids on the number of tricks they can get to complete rounds. The players with the highest score wins.

Checkers (draughts)

A game for two people where each one is given 12 checkers lined up in three rows on the board. Pieces can only move diagonally forward each round. The aim is to collect opponent pieces first.

Guide to Chess Gambling for Real Money

Since chess is a game that requires skill rather than chance, it is not common option for online gambling sites. With a surge of huge international tournaments like World Chess Championship, large numbers of fans try and learn everything about players and prepare real cash bets for chances for winning big.

Most physical casinos will host tournaments, but it is not always accessible for all fans to attend. Making chess more accessible, there are also apps players can download for a chess-themed slot machine game on mobile devices.

What States Are Skill Games Legal In?

Many gamblers who are interested in games of skill like chess, should make note of whether it is legal for bets on them within the state or not. Legit online casinos in states like New Jersey that allow betting through tournaments, bookmakers or sports betting sections will most likely have chess available.

Although games of skill like chess are not yet as prominent online as poker, they are quickly growing in popularity. The challenge and appeal of skills-based games offers a variety of entertainment online and draws new millennial crowds which normally would not consider betting on more traditional casino options.

Chess Betting

Many gamblers who frequent online casinos may be unfamiliar with chess and how to place proper bets on games. For those who prefer to play chess for money Paypal is a common payment choice, though many other options are also available. Check individual casino sites for more banking options and details for placing bets.


Having variety in an online casino makes every visit fun and exciting. Offering chances for placing bets on skill-based games like chess is a great new challenge everyone should try. More than common games of chance, many different factors must be considered before a player can place bets to win.


Q.: Is chess a gambling?

A.: Chess is a game of skill and therefore not a game of chance. So, it is not a classi gambling game.

Q.: Is playing chess for money illegal in NJ?

A.: Nope, it’s absolutely legal to play online or making a bet

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