Betting in New Jersey on 2020/2021 Presidential Elections

Electoral betting has been quite common in the history of the United States of America and has a long history. The betting on presidential elections is not legal in the United States, but they are quite prevalent throughout the nation. Our guide to online 2020 presidential election betting in New Jersey will give you an excellent overview of the 2020 presidential elections’ betting market.

U.S. presidential elections happen once every four years and give online betters an excellent opportunity to make money.  The State of New Jersey has always been an active ground for the presidential election bets and will continue to see the residents’ active participation in the 2020 elections. If you are a New Jersey-based gambler, make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to bet on the most important event in the United States. The event decides the nation’s future and can also enable you to make a fortune if you read the odds well. Roll up your sleeves as the greatest event of democracy is on its way and the betting market is already in motion.

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    Review of 2020 Presidential Election

    The 2020 U.S. presidential election is of high significance as the nation is the top superpower in the world and has a huge influence on the world. Naturally, the coming of the elections ignites a lot of curiosity among different sectors throughout the world. Two major parties dominate the U.S. political system, and the presidents have always belonged to one of these parties. The two political fronts in question here are the Republicans and the Democrats. Republicans carry a sense of conservatism in their political ideology, while the Democrats are the opposite. The current U.S. president and a candidate for the 2020 elections, Donald Trump, belongs to the Republican party, also known as the Grand Old Party. The party has focused more on the issues of taxes, gun rights, and immigration in recent years. The support for the Republican party comes strongly from rural America and has given a line of presidents, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, and George W Bush. On the other hand, the Democratic party is a more liberal one having its roots in the anti-federalist movement during the time America secured its independence from the British rule. Democrats put more emphasis on equality along with social and community responsibility. The party also advocates the concept of taxing according to the level of income, i.e., progressive taxation and minimum wages. Joe Biden is the Democratic presidential contender for the 2020 presidential elections.

    How to Bet on The Presidential Election in NJ?

    Betting on the presidential election is an art itself. While it is like any other type of betting, it has a special appeal because it occurs only once in 4 years. You need to make sure that you are aware of all the features and processes of betting. One of the most important factors for betting successfully on the presidential elections is the ability to read odds. If you don’t know how to read NJ presidential election odds, then you must not engage in political betting. However, the art of reading odds is no rocket science and is quite simple. We will explain it to you in layman language so that you won’t have to worry about it while deciding your candidate to bet on.

    The most favorite candidate is denoted with the minus symbol (-), and the not so favorite is denoted by the Plus Symbol (+). These NJ elections odds change continuously, depending upon the latest political developments. So you have to keep track of the odds and bet accordingly before the elections take place. Keeping track of the latest developments of odds are very important in order to make a winning bet. Let us have a look at a simple example. If Joe Biden’s odds stand at -115, it will mean that his chances of winning the 2020 presidential elections stand at 53.49 percent, and if Donald Trump’s odds are at 105, then his chances of winning the election will be 51.22 percent.

    You will have to bet on certain questions that will include:

    • Who will be the next president of the United States?
    • Who will be the next Vice-president of the United States?
    • Which party will come up as the winner in the 2020 presidential election?

    To bet successfully, you will need to learn the methods of decoding odds, if you don’t already know how to do it. We will share a short guide on how you can read the odds while you make your decision.

    • Donald Trump: -105
    • Joe Biden:+120

    Taking the above-mentioned odds as a reference, if you bet $105 on President Trump and wins the election, you will get $100 and regain your actual bet of $105. If you bet on Joe Biden with a +120 odd, then you will get $100 and regain your actual bet of $100 if he wins. Suppose if another candidate has an odd of +600, he will have a less chance of winning, and if you bet $100 on him/her, you can make $600 because of the higher risk involved.

    Joe Biden 2020 Odds in New Jersey

    If you are a New Jersey resident looking to vote for New Jersey, then you must know that you might win. The propagators of Joe Bidden’s victory consider that many Americans might vote for Joe Bidden just to bring everything back to as it was before President Trump took over. The immigration issue that stood against America’s ethos as the ‘Land of opportunity’ has caused significant damage to the reputation of President Trump along with the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Biden would also be considered a better alternative to fusing down China’s tensions that emerged during President Trump’s reign. The current odds of Mr. Joe Bidden’s win stand at +120 but seeing the number of issues that Americans might consider while voting, tables can easily turn.

    Donald Trump 2020 Odds in New Jersey

    Donald Trump took the world by surprise when he gained victory over Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. All the odds were against him, yet he managed to secure the white house seat. Political pundits did not predict this swift victory of President Trump. The current odds favor Donald Trump, but his overall popularity has taken a downfall during his time in the white house. The thing here is that Joe Biden has managed to win enough white voters in the Republican stronghold, and this can be a turning point in the 2020 election. Currently, Donald Trump’s re-election odds in NJ stand at -105, which is better than that of Mr. Biden.

    What Candidate is the Most Popular in NJ?

    According to popular sentiment and reports, Joe Biden’s odds in New Jersey are much better than that of President Trump. President Trump’s popularity in New Jersey suffered a setback because of his unfavorable policies that include the threat to shut down the federal government. The democrats won 4 out of 5 republican seats in New Jersey during the midterm polls giving a hint that the people of New Jersey dont like president Trump much. NJ election odds have also predicted that Joe Bidden will easily lead in the state, with the majority of residents supporting his claim to the White house.

    Essentials While Choosing a Betting Site

    Make sure that you consider some of the essential factors before deciding on a betting site that includes:

    • Legality: It is advisable to only choose an authentic betting site with proper certification for placing your bets. Ensure that you check out all the necessary certifications and licenses before you settle on a betting site to protect yourself from fraud.
    • Payment and Deposit Methods: Each betting site has several payment methods that you can use. Some of the sites provide a wide range of options, while some stick to a few or even one method. Make sure that you choose a site that provides you with a convenient payment method.
    • Customer Service: The best betting sites will have the most active customer service that will never let you feel unattended. Check out the customer services before you choose a site.
    • Website and Apps: Websites and apps are your connection to the betting sites, and you must check your compatibility with them. If the apps and websites are not compatible, then you will find yourself stuck with the user interface.

    Bets That Can be Placed on The 2020 Election in New Jersey

    Betting on politics in New Jersey is almost the same as sports, where you have to place bets on performances and winners. To learn how to bet on the presidential election in NJ, you need to be aware of the types of bets. Let’s have a look at some types of political bets that are currently offered.  Political Prop Betting: Just like the sports prop betting, political prop bets are placed on outcomes and results. For example, will Donald Trump win the 2020 presidential elections?

    • Yes (-200)
    • No (-100)

    Head to Head Bet: This is another type of political bet which is quite similar to sports betting where two competing sites will have odds attached to it, and you will have to bet on the winner. Example, the winning party in the U.S. Presidential Election 2020:

    • Democratic Party (-110)
    • Republican Party (-110)

    Political Props

    This type of betting has gained huge popularity in recent times as it allows the players to bet on hypothetical results of elections giving the players a high chance of winning.

    Few examples

    Can President Trump be Removed Before his term ends?

    • Yes (+155)
    • No (-350)

    Will Donald Trump win the 2020 Presidential election?

    • Yes (-240)
    • No (+150)

    Who will be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election?

    • Joe Bidden(-700)
    • Not Joe Biden (+400)

    These were the kind of bets that can be availed while betting on political outcomes. Most of them are quite similar to the sports bets, so seasoned sports bettors won’t have an issue while making the bets. On the other hand, if you are new to the betting scenario and have planned to bet the first time, these types of questions will be asked to you.

    Tips and Strategies for Betting on Elections

    As we have discussed earlier, betting on elections is quite similar to sports betting and is based on results. While sports betting also considers the factor of individual performances, in political betting, the scope is restricted only to the results. If you wish to try your hand on sports betting, then you must keep an active watch on the political atmosphere and the ever-changing public opinion.

    You need to keep an active eye on the developments in the major candidates’ electoral performances and read the public mood. Another important factor to consider is the burning issues in the political spectrum that can change the election course along with the candidate’s view on these issues. If the candidate’s views on the issues are similar to that of the majority population, then the candidate has a higher chance of winning the election. Make sure that you keep track of public opinion polls on burning issues and the presidential candidate’s views on the same.

    This can be your probable basis for predicting the winner. For example, take the issue of immigration, if the majority of public opinion is pro immigrants, then the pro-immigrant candidate will have a higher chance of winning the election. In the same manner, you will have to collect the public opinion polls on various issues and check which candidate has the most common views with the general public opinion.

    Popular policies have their effect on the overall election results, so you must be aware of all the policies that have been implemented by Trump. The reception of such policies among the public along with what both the candidates have to offer in the future.

    State-wise election results and the increasing popularity of a party in its opponent’s strongholds are also important factors. In the end, you will always have to keep track of the odds statistics throughout the time preceding the elections. You must keep all these tips in mind while choosing a winner.  Betting without proper evaluation of the necessary factors might not fetch you the desired results, while choosing a winner by proper evaluation may get you the return on your money.

    Key 2020 Election Dates

    The key dates regarding the 2020 presidential election polls are mentioned below:

    • 29th September: The first presidential debate will take place at the Case Western Reserve University.
    • 7th October: The debate between the vice presidential candidates will take place at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
    • 15th October: The second presidential debate will take place in Miami, Florida, at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.
    • 22nd October: The Third and final presidential debate will be held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.
    • 3rd November 2020: Voters will decide if it will be another term for President Trump or Joe Biden to take over the White house.
    • 14th December 2020: Esteemed members of the electoral college will cast their votes for the president.
    • 6th January 2021: Congress will count the electoral votes in Washington at 1 pm and declare the next president.
    • 20th January 2021: This will be the inauguration day, and the next president, along with the vice president, will be sworn in Washington, D.C.

    Why Betting Odds Matter with The U.S. Election?

    2020 us presidential election odds in New Jersey should always be kept in mind when you choose a candidate. Betting odds are formulated, taking into consideration the latest political developments and the fluctuation in the popularity of the candidates. Some events might occur that can seriously hamper a candidate’s reputation or chances of his/her winning. These things are kept in consideration while updating the betting odds; thus, betting odds are one of the most effective parameters that can be used to bet on the presidential election 2020. If you cannot keep up with the latest current affairs regarding the presidential elections, then betting odds can be an effective parameter for you to use. The issue of political betting in New Jersey had gained some pace, but overall it is disappointing. New Jersey won’t legalize political betting before the presidential elections.


    Overall, our final take is that former vice president Joe Bidden has a better chance of winning the 2020 presidential election looking at all the facts and figures available with us. On the other hand, we are all quite aware of how president Trump pulled an unbelievable victory over Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election, making things quite unpredictable. If President Trump manages to pull the same kind of trick that he did last time, he may be able to gain a second term for himself. As the election is on the horizon the betting market has become more active to speculate on the probable winner. The bookies are seeing a great surge in the number of people placing bets on the election, and it will continue to grow until the election day. A large amount of money is expected to be run through the betting market for this event, and things are looking quite positive for the overall political betting season. 2020 election odds have kept all the pundits on their toes and will continue to do so until the polls.

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