AMEX Online Casino

AMEX Online Casino

Online casinos have gained popularity all around the world. Some of these platforms are created just for people to have fun, while others provide them with opportunities to win real money. Where the second option is beneficial for earning, it also brings in the concern of banking. To play games with real money, you have to deposit and withdraw amounts. This can become tricky if you aren’t familiar with online payments.

For helping you out, we have brought here the best and most preferred banking method at online casinos in New Jersey, i.e., AMEX. There are various reasons for this option to be in demand, which we will be exploring in this article. So if you are confused about the payment method on online casinos, we will make it clear why you should be using AMEX. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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How Does AMEX Work?

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American Express of AMEX banking company was founded in 1850, and it has only grown bigger since then. Currently, the company offers various cards that can be chosen based on your usage and eligibility. Once you get the card, you can use it for various purposes. AMEX is accepted almost everywhere globally, which makes it even more convenient and beneficial for people who need to make international transactions.

AMEX offers several other financial products as well. You can take advantage of them as per your requirements. To opt for these services, you need to visit their official website and explore all the available options. You may also have to check your eligibility for a specific product.

Understanding Security Of American Express For NJ Casinos

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Online gambling was illegal in all the states of the US for a really long time. The interesting factor here is that none of these states banned the operators of the offshore gambling websites. Instead, they halted the transactions of online gambling on all the banking methods. So even if people played a variety of casino games, they couldn’t include real money in their play.

Then in 2010, the state of New Jersey legalized some specific real money online gambling forms. These sportsbooks and online casinos began accepting most of the standard baking methods in New Jersey. American Express was one of them. Gradually, several states started legalizing different types of online gambling in their regions. Even they included AMEX as one of their preferred payment options.

It would be wrong to state that all online casinos accept AMEX, considering the present situation of New Jersey. There are still numerous unregulated casinos functioning in the state that don’t have AMEX as a payment method. But these platforms aren’t legalized by the authorities, and there is no security on them. For all the secure and regulated sites, you can easily find an option of American Express for depositing or withdrawing the money. That means the method is legal and can be used for payments.

Selecting The Best American Express Casinos In New Jersey

Now that you know the legal issues of online casinos in NJ, let’s move on to selecting the real money online casinos that accept AMEX as one of their payment methods. Here are the most popular ones:

HARD ROCK CASINO100% First deposit match up to $1000 + 50 Free spins
BETMGMNo deposit $25 Free + 100% First deposit match up to $1000
UNIBET CASINONo deposit $10 Free + 100% First deposit match up to $500
888 CASINO            NJNo deposit $20 Free + 120% First deposit match up to $500
TROPICANA CASINONo deposit $25 Free + Up to $100 loss rebate
CAESARS CASINONo deposit $25 Free + 100% First deposit match up to $300
BORGATA CASINONo deposit $20 Free + 100% First deposit match up to $600
HARRAH’S CASINONo deposit $10 Free + 100% First deposit match up to $300
HOLLYWOOD CASINONo deposit $25 Free + 100% First deposit match up to $500
GOLDEN NUGGET100% First deposit match up to $1000

You can select any of these online casinos based on the American Express NJ casino bonuses provided by them. Once you pick your favorite site, you can easily sign up, use your AMEX card to make the deposit, and claim the bonuses.

Depositing Money On American Express NJ Casinos

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Your very first transaction on an online casino will be a deposit. The benefit of using the AMEX card here is that you won’t have to wait longer for the transaction to complete. The process is quick and easy. Hence, you will be able to play the games as soon as you sign-up. Plus, you need not keep track of your balance on the site. As the deposits are fast, you can top up your account wherever it runs out of money.

To use your AMEX card, you will have to select the American Express option from your selected platform’s cashier. Then you will be directed to the details page where you need to add your card details. There is nothing to worry about while providing information on regulated websites. The authorities have checked them, and your data will be kept safe with them.

Some of the platforms specify minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited using AMEX cards. Generally, the minimum limit is set to $5, and the maximum is your card’s limit. You must examine them before proceeding.

Withdrawing Money From AMEX NJ Casino Sites

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After playing for a while and earning lots of money, you can easily withdraw the amount using your American Express card. The process is as straightforward and convenient as it was for deposits. The only difference you will find in this transaction is of duration. Unlike deposits, there are no quick withdrawals on the AMEX card.

However, you will get your money within 2-5 working days, which is faster than other withdrawal methods that take weeks to provide the earnings. You should also remember not to make any mistakes while entering the details. Even a single little error in the card information will send all your earnings in someone else’s account. So you must cross check the data before proceeding. Every platform has its own minimum, and maximum withdrawal amounts associated with AMEX cards. It would help if you get an idea of these limits.

Currency Conversion On Online NJ Casinos That Accept AMEX

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As stated earlier, one of the primary advantages of using an AMEX card is that it is accepted in most places around the globe. Therefore, you can easily use your other currencies’ AMEX card while playing in NJ online casinos. But almost all platforms charge a minimal fee on this currency conversion. You have to take care of that and perform the transactions accordingly.

Mobile AMEX New Jersey Casino Payments

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Apart from the usual web-based casinos, a few are also available on mobiles. They have the convenience of playing anytime and anywhere. However, when it comes to making transactions on these platforms, many people get confused. The reason for this doubt is a lack of options. Several payment methods that are available on the web aren’t present in mobile transactions.

There is no such problem with AMEX cards. You can use them on the web, as well as on mobile transactions. Plus, they even offer the same benefits on both platforms. On top of this, you can also use the AMEX app for making mobile banking transactions. You just have to link the associated account with the online casino. So your payment procedure becomes extremely convenient with AMEX.

AMEX Online Casino Bonuses in New Jersey

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Some of the casinos in New Jersey even promote the use of AMEX on their platforms by adding bonuses to them. Thus, you get additional benefits whenever you use your AMEX card for making payments on their site. Under these promotions, you may get free money, free gameplays, or any other advantage depending on the website.

How To Ensure Transactions On AMEX New Casinos?

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While making deposits, you can ensure that the money went through just by checking your online casino account. If the amount gets reflected there, your transaction was successful. Otherwise, you need to wait until the money gets transferred. Usually, these transactions don’t take much time, and you get your required amount in the casino account within a few minutes. You may also get a message on the phone stating that you have spent money on some online casinos.

In the case of withdrawals, you need to wait for 2-5 working days. The amount will reflect in your AMEX account only after that. On completion, you may receive some sort of alert about the successful transaction. This alert can be from AMEX’s side or the casino’s side. Either of them will inform you that the money went through.

Fees Associated With AMEX Transactions In NJ Online Casinos

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For some of the banking methods, online casinos charge you a small amount. This can be accounted for any management or transaction fees. However, there is no such charge associated with AMEX payments. Whether you are making a deposit or withdrawal, most of the NJ-based casinos that accept AMEX don’t ask for any additional fees.

Remember, you may be charged an amount if you are using currencies other than the US dollar. Even in this case, the conversion charges are minimal.

Pros and Cons Of Using AMEX Payments

From all the details about AMEX banking methods on NJ online casinos, we can make out that the advantages and disadvantages of using this option are:


  • Faster deposit processing, which gets done in minutes
  • Extra bonuses and reward programs
  • AMEX app can be used for mobile banking
  • Highly-secure online payments
  • Different currencies can be converted in minimal charges


  • May not be available on some of the NJ online casinos
  • AMEX credit cards come with additional yearly charges
  • Withdrawals take several days to process

Alternatives Of AMEX Payments On Online Casinos in NJ

In case you don’t have an AMEX card, and you aren’t qualified for one, you can go for other options. Some of the standard banking methods on NJ online casinos are:

  • Visa/MasterCard: A few banks don’t approve the use of their cards for online gambling purposes. So to use the debit and credit cards, you need to check whether your bank allows gambling transactions or not.
  • E-Wallets: Online wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are also great options to opt for.
  • Prepaid Cards: Some of the online casinos have their own prepaid cards. You can get and deposit an amount in them for playing your favorite games.

However, you wouldn’t get the extra AMEX bonuses by using these methods. Plus, every online casino doesn’t accept all these payment options, while AMEX can be used on several popular websites. You need to consider these factors before choosing.


Considering all the benefits and drawbacks, it can be concluded that American Express cards are a great way to deposit or withdraw money from NJ online casinos. The processing is fast and convenient, making the whole process advantageous for you. You can even get several bonuses just by using the AMEX card on online casinos.

Several other advantages like security, trust, and currency exchange make AMEX one of the most preferred banking methods on NJ online casinos. In case you don’t have an AMEX card, you can apply for it from the official website of American Express. You can spot all the available options there and pick whichever suits you the best. So your online casino journey will become smooth and comfortable.

Enjoy gambling? Do not miss an opportunity to pick a best payment method for you. Check our detailed guide on the best payment methods for NJ casinos:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AMEX as a payment for an NJ casino?

Yes, most of the online casinos in NJ accept AMEX as one of their payment methods. You can easily use the option there.

How is American Express different from other payment methods?

A few factors that make AMEX different from other alternatives are: 1) Security and Trust: AMEX is an old name in the domain of finance products. Therefore, it holds the best security and also has a lot of trust of its customers; 2) Quick Processing: As compared to others, AMEX processes its payments quickly; 3) AMEX App: American Express also has an app that can be used on live online NJ casinos that use AMEX payments.

How to check if my payment with AMEX is approved?

You can check either the related accounts or get alerts from AMEX and the casino about your deposit.

How can I contact Support if my payment is not approved?

There is a support email address, as well as a phone number that can be used to contact the AMEX support in case of any confusion regarding your payments.

Will I pay any fees with AMEX?

Most of the live casino AMEX in New Jersey doesn't cost any additional charges for making payments. However, some exceptions charge a minimum of 1-5% of your deposit amount. It entirely depends on the platform you are using.

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