Bitcoin as a Casino Payment Method in Casinos of New Jersey

New Jersey gamblers now have freedom to register and play at any of the several available fully licensed and regulated online casinos. According to bitcoin casino NJ reviews, there is a rise in the number of new gambling sites.  What’s more, gamers find it comfortable and convenient gambling for real money in online casinos that accept bitcoin.

Online gambling scenes such as sports betting and poker websites accept cryptocurrencies as valid payment methods. Payment in cryptocurrency casinos is always in e-currency, some of which include BTC, LTC, ETH and BCH.

As a new member, you are likely to have several questions about the best bitcoin casino NJ and how it operates. In our reviews, we will answer all your questions. The gambling destinations that feature on our list of Best Bitcoin casinos online are tested and reviewed thoroughly.

Best Online Casino Sites

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888 Casino


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Bet365 Online Casino Review


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Betfair Online Casino

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How We Test Bitcoin NJ Casinos Online?

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When testing and reviewing, we pay attention to specific points such as licensing information, software, casino games, jackpots, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, security, anonymity, customer service, welcome or no-deposit bonuses, and loyalty program. NJ’s top BTC online casinos that provide licensing information are considered legal sites. These are the gambling sites that we often recommend to New Jersey players.

In terms of games and Jackpots, we make it our responsibility to identify reputable gambling destinations with higher game RTP and progressive jackpots. Furthermore, we ensure the bitcoin gambling sites offer mobile services, can be accessed via iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

We also look at the type of software the site uses. In most of our reviews, we prefer casinos that use software from popular developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and RTG.  We also ensure that they provide popular e-currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, Dash, Etherum and Bitcoin Cash. In terms of safety and security, we look for top-rated New Jersey online casinos that partner with testing companies such as eCOGRA and Gaming Laboratories International.

Bitcoin Casinos Welcome Bonuses

In most casinos that accept bitcoin, users are welcomed with big rewards and offers. The welcome bonus can be in the range of two to five BTCs.  Furthermore, they also come with free spins

What Is BTC and How Does It Work in Online Gambling?

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For those who are new to BTC, it is a pioneer cryptocurrency or digital currency. The design of this digital asset makes it a valuable medium for exchange in a virtual world with no central authority. Much focus on its design was on security, transparency and anonymity in financial transactions.

Since BTC is a digital medium of exchange, you can use it to make purchases online or send anyone with an address, similar to the way you transact using e-wallets and bank cards. The difference with BTC is that there is no central authority, and you can view a history of how the ownership of bitcoins has moved from one person to another. All transactions using a particular BTC appears in a public ledger.

You can get bitcoins by buying them with real money, selling a product, create or mine them using your computer. The same way as real money, you will need a digital wallet to store these unique coins.

Its technology uses private or seed keys to claim ownership. It is also made safe and secure by peer to peer sharing and blockchain technology – an extensive connection of computers that keep a record of the public ledger

To buy these unique digital coins you’ll have to head over to your preferred purchasing platform or cryptocurrency trading. Before you think about getting Bitcoins, you need to worry about where you will store them, BTC wallet.

Types of BTC Casino Wallets

The safety of your private or seed keys highly depends on where you store them. You are guaranteed peace of mind when your special keys are safe and secure in a reliable digital wallet.

There are various types of BTC wallets based on different factors:

  • Custodial or Non-Custodial wallet – full or partial control
  • Offline or Online Wallet – access to an internet connection.
  • Paid or free wallets –service charges

The offline wallet is available as hardware wallets or software wallet. Payeer is an example of an online e-wallet.

How to Set Up A Bitcoin Account?

Just like any social network account, most BTC wallet providers require that you register and verify your details to get an account. For maximum protection, you’ll have to come up with a password to access and send funds.

Benefits of Using the Bitcoin Banking Method in NJ Casino

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The difference between using the usual banking methods and Bitcoin is that with the later you can do transactions anonymously and without incurring any service charges since the gambling site has a BTC account.

Bitcoin is convenient when it is being used as a banking method in a casino mainly because it has no ties to any central authority, including governments and banking institutions. This way, you will be able to keep your credit score in check.

A transaction using BTC depends on blockchain approval, so you are spared from the processing delays due to limited banking hours. You are guaranteed to get your funds from anywhere between a few seconds and an hour. Because of the current and growing value of the bitcoin, this payment method attracts massive rewards and bonuses.

Deposit and Withdrawal in Bitcoin Casinos Online in New Jersey

Making a deposit and withdrawal transaction in a bitcoin casino is easy and fast. Some of the users have recorded deposit and cash out speeds of between 30 – 45 minutes. You get too much freedom and anonymity status in a gambling site that allows both deposit and withdrawal in BTC.

How to Deposit Money to Casino Account Using BTC?

If you wish to play online for real money, then you will need to deposit funds in your casino account. With a BTC wallet, it much easier to fund your account in a gambling site that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

If you have Bitcoin as your preferred payment method and enough BTC in your wallet, then you are ready to make the deposit. All you need is the address of your game provider.

Familiar to many of the online casinos that accept Bitcoin payment in New Jersey, you will be directed to the cashier section of the NJ bitcoin casino to make a deposit. In this section, you need to copy the address of your game provider and log in to your wallet to create a new transaction.

The transaction is complete after you fill in the details of the receiver, the bitcoin NJ casino, and press “send.” In less than an hour, you should have enough BTC in your account.

Key Steps to deposit money:

  • Create a BTC wallet account
  • Purchase Bitcoins
  • Log in to your Bitcoin casino NJ
  • Select BTC as your payment method
  • Follow the instruction and complete the transaction

How to Withdraw Money from Casino Account Using BTC?

When it comes to cashing out your winning from BTC online gambling sites, you’ll still have to use the method you used to make your deposit.  The best thing about using Bitcoin as a withdrawal option is that you can withdraw massive jackpot wins faster. The fees in a BTC payment transaction depends on blocks and merchants such as iLixium.

Bitcoin Casinos Privacy and Security

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With Bitcoin as the method of payment, you do not have to worry much about financial and personal details, unless the online casino cryptocurrency you choose requires documentation during registration. If your personal information is at risk, then you should ensure that your preferred casino is using advanced encryption technology to prevent third party access.

BTC transactions are usually untraceable and irreversible, so you have to be careful you’re your transaction and your choice of gambling site. Seasoned gamblers will recommend legal and legit online bitcoin casinos.


New Jersey bitcoin online casino reviews show that there is a great improvement in online gaming in New Jersey. There are many upcoming casinos that use bitcoin as a payment method. There is plenty to benefit from a crypto casino as compared to a traditional online casino.

Enjoy gambling? Do not miss an opportunity to pick a best payment method for you. Check our detailed guide on the best payment methods for NJ’ casinos :


What is the difference between µɃ and mɃ?
In the Bitcoin world, µɃ is known as micro-bitcoin (0.000001 BTC), while mɃ is a milli-bitcoin (0.001 BTC), millie or millibit. Therefore, one mɃ is equivalent to 1000 µɃ.
Online casino vs bitcoin casino - which is the best?
If we are thinking in terms of the safety of personal and financial data in gambling transactions, then BTC casinos offers the best bitcoin gambling experience.
How do I use Bitcoin for poker?
If you have bitcoins in your wallet, then you should sign-up in a BTC casino that offers poker games. Use BTC as your preferred payment method to deposit funds into your casino account. This way, you will have used your casino bitcoin to play your favorite poker game.
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