Review of Top Betting Sites For Davis Cup in NJ

Published: May 30, 2022 Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Davis Cup is considered as the ‘World Cup of tennis’, and many gamblers across the world wish to place a bet on this event. Tennis wagering may not be so common as other sports, but the Davis Cup is exceptional. Betting on several events can be exciting and give you huge payouts, especially if you are right while placing a bet on the Davis Cup. Are you aware of all information regarding the tournament? If not, you must take a look here before you start placing bets on the event.

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    Best Davis Cup Betting Sites in NJ

    SugarHouse Sportsbook

    SugarHouse Sportsbook


    ThriveFantasy DFS

    ThriveFantasy DFS

    $10 bonus match on the first deposit

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS

    $5 free game bonus

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    Yahoo DFS
    Yahoo DFS



    Fanamana Daily Fantasy
    Fanamana Daily Fantasy


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    Draftkings DFS NJ
    Draftkings DFS NJ


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    Aspects to Consider Before Wagering on Davis Cup in New Jersey

    We want our players to have in-depth information about the Davis Cup before moving ahead and playing. Otherwise, it can lead to placing the wagers in the wrong ones and losing your money. Firstly, you must collect information about the tournament. The event has been taking place for a long time since 1900 and would be played in a knockout format. It begins with a 24’s away and home fixture, and twelve of them will go to the second round. Four of them are semifinalists of the last year’s fixture, and two more wildcard players will join. Eighteen of them will be playing in six groups, and each will have three members. The competition goes on like this to find who will be the winner. The tournament takes place every year, and one country will be selected to host it. 

    Top Sites for Davis Cup Betting in New Jersey

    Many websites are there to place a bet after you sign up, but not all are safe. Some are even not legal to operate in NJ but still doing so, and you must stay away from them. Here is a table including the information on the welcome bonuses being offered by them on signup. In short, you can complete the registration process and grab the offer to start playing. 

    Name Of The Betting Site Description Of The Bonus
    DraftKings A 100% first wager with 20% up to $500 on your first deposit
    Pointsbet A match deposit bonus up to $250
    FanDuel A risk-free bet of up to $1000
    MGM Sportsbook A free bet up to $500
    SugarHouse A deposit bonus up to $250
    Caesars A $10 no deposit bonus and a free bet up to $300
    William Hill A 100% deposit bonus up to $500
    Golden Nugget A 100% match deposit bonus up to $1500 and a no deposit of $10

    Best Bet Types to Use in Davis Cup in New Jersey

    Here we include the different types of bets that you can place on the event, and they are: 

    • Money Line Bet: It is an easy bet, and you have to pick the winner of the tournament this year. Players who win get a high amount of rewards, so it is the right bet you should try. 
    • Under/Over Bet: It is different from all other wagers and involves whether the game will finish in a straight-set or unto additional sets. The interesting aspect of this bet is it can be placed without thinking who will win the match. 
    • Match Bet: It is similar to Money Line, but the difference is that instead of betting on the tournament’s winning team, you must bet on the team who will win the match. It is for players who know that the ABC team will win today’s match but not the finals. 
    • Prop Bet: It is also known as a proposition bet, which can be placed irrespective of who the winner is. It means you wager on an event while the competition is live. It can be like who will score first today or which player will last for a longer time. Prop bets can be of any form and may not be related to the winner. 
    • Exact Score Bet: Maybe, you have understood by the name of the bet itself as it says you have to predict the exact score of the Davis Cup match. It is not an easy bet which is why you get a high payout provided you win. But before placing the bet, remember that it is a difficult wager. 

    Best Bonuses for New Jersey Davis Cup Online Betting

    Promotions and bonuses are always the centers of attraction for gamblers, and players always want to know what they will get on the site. Here is a brief introduction of the type of bonuses you get. 

    • Deposit Bonus: It has become a common bonus offer, and most sportsbooks give after you sign up. You will be given some amount based on your first transaction. Also, the value varies depending on the promotion given by the top betting site. For example, some can give a 100% welcome bonus up to $100 or a 20% welcome bonus up to $150. 
    • Free Bet: It is a bonus that the wagering sites give you, like a free wager, which you can place in the tournament. It means you do not have to use any money here, but the terms and conditions of the wagers can vary depending on the website. So, before you sign up and use the offer, make sure to check everything. 
    • Cash Back: It is an exclusive bonus for newbies who have lost their first bet after placing it. So, they lose the money when players do not win, but the operator will give some amount to compensate for the losses. It is offered to your first bet only, so you should be careful while playing the next time. 

    Important Terminologies Regarding Davis Cup Betting

    It is not fine to place a wager blindly on any event without collecting the information on previous matches and knowing what every concept means. Considering that, we have listed some terminologies which will guide you to understand betting. 

    • Call: It is when the referee or umpire in charge calls the ball being played out. 
    • Love Game: If the game ended in your favor in a love game, it indicates the opponent will not get a single point for this. 
    • Half-Court: You can come across this terminology in some wagering options where you cannot rely on the winner of the match. It is a court portion from the net to the tagline.
    • Game: It is a point sequence in the game where a player is serving the ball. 
    • Hold: It is when the player who is serving wins the game is known as a hold. 

    How to Read Davis Cup Odds For NJ Gamblers?

    The odds do not differ much from regular tennis betting. As you place a bet on the Money line, you will find two options with a positive (+) and a negative (-) sign in front of every player. The positive sign shows the weakest player or underdogs while the other is for the strongest player or favorites. Besides the sign, you will also see a number a higher favorite means it has a smaller number than others. You must pick the player or your favorite who is expected to win the Davis Cup. 

    More About Tennis Odds

    The Davis Cup odds are available on the sites of the top sportsbooks, like FanDuel, DraftKings, etc. Now the event is put by the International Tennis Federation, after which nations are placed into the qualifying groups. Each event will have money like odds and is the easiest bet to choose. The odds can change, so you must check from time to time. The last updated odds are here:

    Country Davis Cup Odds 2021
    Spain -227
    Canada -227
    Russia +265
    France -200
    Great Britain +200

    Let’s take up an example to understand the odds better. If the match is between Canada versus Spain in the Davis Cup Finals and favored Spain to win, the betting odds for Canada will be +150 and Spain -120. It can be broken further, and with every match, the odds change. So, before you play, you must check the odds without fail. The odds are dependent on players all are playing, who are against them, etc. In Futures, the further you are from the event, the better odds you get. Plenty of research is required to make the correct prediction if you want to win your money.

    Betting Tips for Davis Cup Wagers in New Jersey

    tennis bettingIt is impossible to win every bet, but your objective should be to win as many as you can. Losses also come with it, and here are some tips to keep in mind when you place a wager. There should not be any room for sentiments, and if you find your favorite player will also, you should never place the bet on them. If you think the opponent is stronger, go ahead with them and win the bet. If you do not, there is a high chance you will lose. 

    We ask our players to specialize in one player for the entire tournament instead of placing bets randomly. If you do that, you will lose bets frequently and waste all your funds. Collecting information will increase your chances of winning. No tip can be better than knowing the player in and out. Understand the strengths and weaknesses, how long they have been playing, their past performances, etc. Check if they have encountered any accident recently or how their training was to predict their winning probability. 


    Davis Cup has always been a fun element and holds suspense for gamblers and tennis fans. In 2021, sports betting was limited as many events got canceled or postponed. However, be ready with your strategy as you will soon get to bet on the event. 

    The best New Jersey’s betting sites for wagering on the:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to wager on the Davis Cup tennis online?

    Yes, it is legal to wager on tennis online, and several sportsbooks are there through which you can do so. You can also download the app if you want to play from your mobile.

    How to check odds for Davis Cup tennis wagering?

    It is not so tough to check the odds for the Davis Cup as the sportsbook where you prefer to play will display the information. So, you can check there without wasting time on other sites.

    Can you tell me the price it costs to play in the Davis Cup tennis?

    To play, you must have enough experience in tennis, and no one can go to a competition on the first day itself. You have to be exceptionally good and trained to achieve that level.

    When will the Davis Cup 2021 be scheduled to take place?

    The finals were about to happen in 2021 for the 2020 Davis Cup season. But it was postponed, and now the event is expected to take place from 22 to 28 November 2021.

    Is it possible to win real money with Davis Cup tennis wagering?

    Definitely yes, you can win real money provided you have placed the bet correctly. Also, do not forget to use the bonuses you get while placing the bets.

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